This is an amazing exhibit curated by Josh Rosenblatt around the the theme of I Am From, from Long Island City Artists. Along with the art works are statements from the artists. This is how the theme reaches, expands as we listen to, observe, each other and where we are from.. Enjoy.


Some of you have mentioned paintings, dances, sculpture, ceramic projects, photos, performances that come from your work with students, and capture where they are from. Please send these along to the address below and we will include them on this website.

12 Grade
Picture from Parma, Italy-Grade-11
11 Grade
Picture from Parma, Italy-Grade-12


This. Is. Magnificent!!!!  See statement below.


Attached is a few photos of a mosaic mural that was created by high school students in Skillman NJ. The school had a racial slur etched into the exterior wall some years ago. I am a teaching artist who was hired to work with the student population to create art work to permanently cover the word. I was introduced to the” I Am From “ project through a class I was taking at Columbia Teachers Collage. As part of that class I received a template to create my own “Where I Am From poem. This template was perfect for the students to use to create a group poem from all voices in the class. The relief tile imagery is inspired from that group poem. Where once was ugliness, now is beauty.

Thank you for your work and for inspiring this beautiful mosaic.
Gail Scuderi
Teaching artist
NJ State Council on the Arts
Young Audiences of NJ