Delight in this poem…Happy spring everyone! Thank you, Rhonda…

Where I’m From

Rhonda Gaynier

I am from vinyl records, from Levi jeans and Mac & Cheese.

I am from a one square mile town

        (with three bars and two tracks,

        both clinkin’ and clankin’ in the middle of night.)

I am from the pear, the apple trees whose gifts drop,

only to rot.

I’m from bar-b-que and varicose veins,

from Bob and Rusty and Lemuel.

I’m from busy bees and social butterflies

I’m from knuckle sandwiches and thunder thighs.

I’m from Sunday school buses

with candied bribes

I’m from lost Italians and West Virginia mines,

cannoli and baked beans.

From grandpa’s blackened lungs,

and dad’s agent orange.

Few remain, but new generations come.

I’ll show them the old smileless pictures, letters penned in cursive,

and trinkets in a dusty box.

I’ll share my roots, then watch them grow.

May is here. A new poem that brings us full circle. Lovely.

I Am From

By: Samantha Littell

I am from 

the quiet countryside 


babbling brook summers and fort building winters 

I am from 

a white picket fence 


a long driveway 

I am from 

tree house high up in the old maple 


boards were put together by friendship 

I am from 

rope swings and bicycles 


my mother and father

and from 

short temper followed by apologies 


highs and lows 

I am from 

getting a new ornament every Christmas Eve 


my great aunts’ snickerdoodles and my grandmothers’ cranberry bread


my grandfather’s heart attack 

and from 

my grandmothers daily worry 

I am from the moments

in the quiet countryside

As we come to the middle of April, poetry month, what a fine way to continue on…!

My little Life

By Genesis Sanchez-Arevalo

I am from Lucinda my treasured, beautiful, American girl doll

From Takatsu ramen and Abuelita hot chocolate.

I am from loud, small, nice, comfortable.

It was one of the best.

 I’m from nature among us.

  The flowers and vegetables.

I’m from the tradition where every birthday we would put “Las Mananitas” by cepillin

From Mom And Dad And Dios

 I’m from biting my nail and being over-expressive of emotions.

From “STOP CRYING” and “Finish your vegetables”

I am from being Christian and believing in God.

I am from America, Mexico and El Salvador

I am from Tamales and Pususas

I am from a Hispanic little girl becoming a woman,

I am from good but not the best grades

I am from the name Genesis Sanchez-Arevalo.

A powerful poem, about where we come from, what we look like and the dangers we face.


By Weichen Ling

A virus, a president’s, sweeping characterization

A mask, a statement, intimidation

A slow and deliberate cough or

Violent words, violent actions

A gun, a man, a spa

Grief, in a moment

Turns to anger, turns to fire

They abrase us to erase us

I insist to exist

Every breath a resist

Brazenly Asian, we persist

More information on supporting Asians in the US in the website under Events.