A Poem-In! In Anticipation of Mid Term elections in November


 You are invited to be part of an Action: by bringing your stories, your diverse verse to the universe!

During the week of October 8th, Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day

Call in or email your I am From poem to your legislators to remind them of your concerns for our country.


You can email your I Am From poem to your senator or congressperson after a brief statement:

“Hello. I am a constituent in your district. I am concerned about the future of our democracy. I am from_______________________________________”.


You can call as well: “Hello. I would like to speak to the (senator, congressman. ) I am a resident of your district and I vote. I am concerned about peace, justice and the future of our democracy. I am from______________________________.”


You can print up your poem and mail it in snail mail to arrive sometime during that week.

You can suggest to your students that they compose I am From poems, and email them in with your help.

You can march to their office, send postcards, make picket signs with your poems.


You can make this anonymous, or very public, sign your name, or don’t. Any way your imagination takes you with the I Am from poems, will demonstrate what a rich and multicultural diverse country we are.


Send your ideas to iamfromproject.com and we will post those. Send pictures, videos of actions!