Where I Am Going

We have not gotten many, Where I Am Going poems…here is a new one!

Where I’m going

By Kimberly Vaartstra

I am going where I can breathe my own air,

just to myself.

I am going where I have more room,

to feel my independency.

I am going to my job,

to do my best at,

I am going where I can make a new family,

possibly of cats.

I am going where i can continue to educate myself,

whether it’s in university or a job

I am going to the store to shop for my own food,

a few cans of cat food too.

I am going where I can find my own home,

and where I can find my own self.



Where I Am Going


Kaye Thompson Fields

I am going inwards, in search of my authentic self,

tired of running the roads, heavy loads, punctuality,

accountability to others, weary of life as connect

the dots activity, a continuous challenge to hatch

new plots, schemes, chase elusive futile dreams.

Inside me is where I choose

to be, so much rich ore to be mined

from my mother lode, so many poems

to savor, countless words to write

spiced with my personal flavor. No

more time to waste outside my own space.

Acquired all I need

with reckless, heedless speed,

now perched in my own nest, I

will curate the best, donate what fails

to resonate or delight. To read at

will, to contemplate, to dream both

day and night, no more flight from hindsight.


I have arrived at last at my destination.

All hail, hours spent in quiet contemplation.