I Am From is ready for summer. Opening with this magnificent poem by Anon. Our poems tell stories. This one has so much in it.

Where I’m From…

 by Anon

I’m from dirty Motels/Hotels in my young years

Behind sketchy convenient stores

I’m from the smell of smoke

From leftover fireworks or gunshots

After many years it was hard to tell the difference 

I’m from maturing at a young age

From doing adult tasks by the age of 9

I’m from seeing countless men come and go

To meet my birth mom from morning to night

I’m from a childhood that was stripped away

From raising and feeding my sister

At the age of 13 that was put to a stop

I’m from adoption at the age of 14

From gaining a childhood years later

To vacationing for the first time

I’m from being the first to graduate High School

To failing four College Degrees

I’m from an adopted parent telling me what to study

To not being able to accomplish her dream

I’m from living for others

To never living for myself

I’m from 8 years with a mis-diagnosed bipolar disorder

From medication here and medication there

I’m from meeting a caring psychiatrist four years prior

To getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality

To both A.D.D and O.C.D with meds that impacted in a positive light

I’m from starting back up in school 

To pursuing a degree in acting

I’m from writing my first film script

To getting it made into a short film a few months later

I’m from gaining a Talent Agent a year later

To getting casted in a feature film

I’m from exploring the world of theatre

To getting a job as an improv actor

I’m from getting casted in a short romance film

To taking over and producing it myself

I’m from moving away from a toxic environment

To ten years with a manipulative adoptive parent

I’m from an apartment of my own

From waking up to the beam of the sun through the window

To the scent of freshly brewed coffee

I’m from picking up Guitar as a hobby

To learning two songs with the help of YouTube

I’m from a very tough time growing up

To being content with what I have now

This is me

Two poems: one long and winding, one short and intense. Both honest and amazing. What we need today.

Where I’m From

by Hailey R. Czegeny

I am from excessive amounts of Chapstick, from markers and Monster High dolls. I am from incorrectly installed floor boards (Creaky, loud, and Every movement was heard). I am from the lilac tree that grew in the center of our garden, whose captivating colour and scent eased my senses and calmed me down. I’m from camping and sunburns, from dirty feet and late nights by the beaming fire. I’m from failed makeup experiments with my sister that could be compared to clown makeup, from making crazy videos in our spare time and going on spontaneous scooter trips down the creek path.

 I am from Sheltie Terriers, Corgis, smooth coat hamsters and my one,  legendary beta fish named skye. I am from climbing anything and everything, from afternoons in the neighbors tree and being told not to fall, from attempting to scale the brick walls of our house. I’m from diverse music tastes and bass boosted car ride music. I’m from convincing my parents to let me use their laptops, from playing Club Penguin and Poptropica. I am from pedestrian-filled crosswalks and nature-prominent pathways, from the smell of fresh cut grass, distant sounds of baseball bats colliding with baseballs, and from the sound of kids yelling and making their way to school across the field.

I’m from Leslie (my mom) and Steve (my dad) and I am from the reluctant grocery trips with mom, from trying to convince her to let me get the foods I wanted, like DunkAroos, Dino egg oatmeal and Lunchables. I’m from the tickle fights with dad, where someone always accidentally got hurt in the end, From the hugs, kisses and apologies that followed up. I am from watching and pretending to be in my favourite T.V shows, from Scooby Doo, Totally Spies, and Lego Ninjago. I am from the numerous visits to my grandparents, from chips, salsa and card games, from swiss chalet trips, and YMCA pool adventures. I’m from the frequent drives and movie nights, from the constant “Stop talking” and “Stay focused”.I am from the family hikes, from being scared about ticks, poison ivy and happily watching my dog trot through forests. 

I’m from  praying at each meal, and bible reading with my grandparents. I’m from Canada and from the Carons and Czegenys, Grandma’s cabbage rolls, beef paprikash and Nokedli (Hungarian noodles/dumplings). I am from the fingers my dad almost lost to an electric saw, the punch my mom used to humble someone who stole from her. 

In the living room and on the red wood cabinet lies collections of family memories in the form of books, which are out on display to remember our adventures. I am from those adventures, some old but not forgotten, that gave me joy while I spent time with those who meant the most to me.

Where I’m From

Nic E.

I am from binky, from knife and pills i am from distant and quiet 

 I am from cattail whose majestic I am from love
and lust from Kaylynne and Rylee i am from addiction
and depression and from bipolar disorder from ADHD

i am from yelling i am from Scottish and Irish from 

 chips and dip from dancing and tapps and from odie

 i am from those memories and moments and more 

Tina Chivers class from Niagara Falls< Ontario has sent another group of marvelous poems! Enjoy…!

Hardi Patel, Broden Woodland, Krish Vohra, and Jared Kappa!


I am from enchanting weddings and Indian sari’s

From Dairy Milk bars and chai, instead of coffee 

From the first whiff of sweet, humid Mumbai air after the terrible plane ride and messy hair

I am from the feeling of excitement that we’re going somewhere and from the question asked way too many times: “Are we there?”

From the finally reaching, and showers of love

From the classic saying, “ Wow! You’ve grown so much!”

I am from the shy first encounter with the cousins I love, and then moving on and never keeping our mouths shut

I am from the stories told by my precious grandmas, talking all about my kind and caring grandpas

I’m from never having seen them, but always having known; who they were and their roles

From my mom and my grandma letting me know, my grandpa was the one who made Dungri home

I’m from knowing Hansapor is also home, for that’s where my dad, his brothers and sisters were born. 

I am from the being delighted when finding out; I’ve got 4 generations in a single house

I’m from the experiences of moving so many times

From the lesson that a single house is not where home lies

I am from the cherished hour-long conversations with my dad 

From my mom comforting me with that hug of hers when I am sad

I am from butter chicken dinners and samosa breakfasts

I’m from cherished Saturday sleepovers with my sister on a single mattress

I am from listening for the sound of Divya’s bike tires, and the familiar knock so we know it’s her (and time for choir)

From the lovely conversations at the park with Shanzay

From the long bus rides with all of the Christie’s, and talking

From getting to know Sienna, and cherishing those moments, the happy, the sad, all during covid

I’m from the basketball games and capture the flag that always ended in arguments, but no one stayed sad; defending the ball like our lives were dependent on whether we let the other person get it

I am from the not knowing I was cooking memories when doing it

I am from learning to put myself above others

From the learning to gain more confidence

I’m from doing the little things that matter and meaning it

And from all the lessons I’ve learned about life

I am from Mrs. Rackal & Mrs. Funk, who believed in me

I am from finally seeing how my family sees me

I am from learning to become the real me.

by Hardi Patel


I am from driving on an ATV through trails at my grandparents.

From beef on a bun and the feeling of the food melting on your tongue.

I am from the sight of corn growing in a field.

From The sight of horses rolling in mud, the sound of birds chirping, and wind howling, 

The sound of dogs barking at the sound of an ATV roaring.

 I am from peppers, and cucumbers growing in the garden, 

and the red and green gloss of them after they get watered.

I’m from family gatherings for celebrations of birthdays. 

I am from dog breeders.

From waking up to the sound of kids playing basketball early in the morning.

From Douglas McGowan, and Donnie McGowan.

I’m from having a night dedicated for watching a movie with my family.     

From “the boy who cried wolf” and “I love you to the moon and back”. 

From making either chicken quesadillas, or a steak stir fry for my family twice a week. 

I’m from savoring the taste of my grandma’s ratatouille, and having my mouth water when my aunt’s steak and potatoes are in my sight.

From having a vast supply of brownies, and muffins.     

I’m from, looking down the street in the spring and catching a sight of green buds growing on all the trees, so beautiful.

From “Far East” my family’s favorite chinese restaurant, and “Franks” a classic family pizza business.

From having to worry about my brother after he went to the ER, many times in my life from accidentally cutting or drilling himself.                                                    

From getting flipped out of a golf cart because my brother, and I went open throttle and threw a trench.

From having cookouts, and swimming with my cousins while other family members eat together.

From the fraile wrinkly looks of my fingers after spending all night swimming with my favorite people.

From going to our local park and playing tackle football with my friends, from noon until dinner is ready, then repeating the next day.

I am Broden Woodland

Poem by Broden Woodland


I am from the pharmacy across the street,

From fried food, and bbq chicken.

I am from the balcony, and U-shaped driveways (uneven , rough, and too hot in the summer.)

I am from the apple trees and chili peas,

whose fragrance is spicy, and sweet in the air.

I’m from dinner outs and dark eyes.

From Nitya and Maneet. 

I’m from watching movies together and cooking together. 

“From boys don’t cry” and ”stop acting like a girl.”   

I’m from Sikh, and church on sundays.

 I’m from New york, and India,

Samosas, and BBQ chicken.

From the same voices me and my sister share.                                                      

The farm that my dad as a child owned back home, 

And the pictures of the memories tucked away in photo frames.                                                    

I am from my grandpa’s binoculars on my dad’s side.

Poem by Krish Vohra.

I am From

I am from hockey skates, soccer cleats, and footballs

I am from strong wits and diligence

I am from working hard in school and sports

From not giving up. Ever.            

I am from the home on the corner with a large backyard

From Cappa and Pantelich

I’m from large Christmas gatherings and curly hair

From blondes to black hair

I’m from heights of ‘Five feet’ and ‘Six foot four.’ 

I’m from football players to musicians 

I’m from the arguing of politics at family gatherings and everyone listening to Nonna

From eating freshly cooked pasta to golden roasted potatoes

From “You will always have to deal with people you don’t like your entire life, just do your job.” and “Eat some more!”

I am from the sounds of kids playing up and down the street

I am from riding bikes back and forth from my house to friends’ houses

I am from “Five more minutes please”

From solving riddles, anagrams, and math problems

I’m from Jelly or Jam on a “PB&J’s”

I’m from alarm clocks going off at 7am

I’m from red car beds when I was little

I’m from Easter egg hunts with family

I’m from dogs, fish, and hamsters

I am from chips and burgers

I am from apples and bananas 

I am from packages from amazon

I am from painting rocks from the river

I am from abc’s, 123’s, red’s and blues’s 

Poem By: Jared Cappa

Some mornings you wake up and receive a gift…out of the blue. Here is that gift to me, and on to you, of a beautiful poem by Anyssa MCCalla! Enjoy this day, this week!

I am From 

Anyssa McCalla 

I am from green grass and deep soil

From the long lines of tired hard workers 

Who made life happen even when they couldn’t

Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, and Mommy

Who broke their backs trying to survive as single black mothers

I am from Greatgrandmother. 

She escaped the south to live up north. 

made a farm for her children and great-grandchildren.  

Owned a fish truck and gas station became entrepreneurs for the family.

She broke curses with her bare hands and gave us love to withstand in the world’s way. 

Gave us sharpshooters, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. 

Making us stay true to our southern roots.

I am from Grandmother. 

Most educated in her class but dropped out early due to the lack of money.

Worked in the family farm and high school lunches trying to keep ends up.

She had never seen her father since age sixteen and couldn’t see him buried.

Mother of nine children but eventually becoming the mother of 8 living children.

“Eat your dinner and go to bed early; maybe we can see some horses in the morning.”

Telling me stories of life and great drives to the lake

Left wondering what life could’ve been.

I am from Mommy 

High school dropout due to lack of money.

Broken homes and crazy families, She took care of it all.

Survival is all she knew, never dreamt because it wouldn’t come true.

She never knew her father but met his new family in her 30s at his wake.

Stress is all she knows and fighting for her children is all she can do.

Telling me the lost tales of life and staying true to the black roots.

Left wondering what life could’ve been.

I am from Dad

An immigrant from Jamaica who came here to have something new.

He gave me the best stories and Jamaican tales.

Reggae songs that made a culture.

Burying his father at a young age, fearing that he could not see his best days.
A dreamer and Traveler whose passport is stamped in places I’ve never thought about.

Seen presidents and been inside of the White House.

A construction worker who retired early. 

And so spring arrives with a new set of amazing poems from a classroom of fine writers!

I Am From Poetry 

Tessa Barrette

I am from a small neighborhood.
From shopkins and dance shoes.
I am from the shoebox sized home I grew up in
Compact, barn-like,
Birds chirping outside my window.
I am from the cherry blossom tree in my backyard,
Beautiful pink flowers falling down in the spring filling the yard.
I’m from the home made art galleries with my cousins.
From my dad’s side of the family and the same birthmark on the side of our eyes. I’m from the thanksgiving buffets and the pies we have every year. From “are we there yet” and “when’s dinner ready”.
I’m from my parents asking my sister and I what we want for dinner. I’m from the same place I am now, Ontario.
Nana’s mac n cheese, the fun shaped butter.
From the time my sister got a bean stuck up her nose.
The princess high heels my 2 bestfriends and I would walk around in. I’m from snapshots, memories on warm beaches during the sunset. From the mini ceramic figure of children playing in the snow at my Nana’s. All of these make me who I am and where I am from. 

I am from… 

Adapted by Alexander Harrison 

I am from Beautiful Japanese maple trees
From Oreos and cheesecake that melts in your mouth
Creamy and crunchy
I am from beautiful rose bushes
That are like silk to the touch
I’m from the family dinners and turkey slathered in gravy
From mashed potatoes and green beans
From mom and dad
I’m from Shoveling the neighbors driveways and helping out where needed From all long road trips and are we there yet’s
I’m from running water and birds chirping
From tranquility
I’m from late night games
I’m from bike rides with my friends
From slipping and scraping your knee 

I am from 

Colin Masson

I am from Scottish tradition with my grandparent From tulips and vegetables in mothers gardens I am from a loud house with cold hard floors
I am from large maple trees out front, 

Big maroon maple leaves and raking in the fall
I am from long road trips to P.E.I. and thick brunette hair From the jokes Morgan makes 

I am from eat your vegetables and you get desert, I’m from campfires in my best friends backyard
I am from big and loud family christmas dinner
I’m from the smell of Christmas cookies every year I am from my grandma’s lasagna, 

I’m from late night laughs with my sister
The building of sheet forts with Morgan
I am from the delicious smell of fresh baked brownies and cookies I am from family is everything
I’m from love 

Susanna Y

I am from the running shoes that guide me on the trail and track. From those rose thorn spikes and the cloud like cushioning.
I am from the leather sketchbook lying next to my bed.
That gives me a calming and euphoric effect. 

With each large rectangular page describing a beautiful story. 

I am from the swap green pine trees in my backyard. 

Ones so tall that it reaches the sky. 

I’m from red packets given with fortunes inside and passionate cooks. 

From mom teaching everything I know about cooking and my older sister Donna who enhanced my skills. 

I’m from the morning greetings of “good luck on your day” and those savoury morning breakfast, sitting together at the dining table. 

From my sister telling me to “go for it” on my dreams and teachers telling me to “not let the ghost of my dreams go to the grave.” 

I’m from open-minded parents who tell me to “make success a habit.” I’m from Canada, with roots from China and Hong Kong. 

From traditional foods like those sweet pineapple buns bought at a Chinese bakery, to rice for lunch and dinner. 

From stories of vacation trips to Hong Kong that were filled with tall towers and congested streets with people. 

To the star gazing eyes when my older sister talks about her trip around Asia. 

All the memories of nostalgic drives with my family, staring out the window, manifesting on how one day I’ll explore the world. 

However, my story wouldn’t be complete without the heirloom gold jewellry hidden around my house, symbolizing the stories of how my family and I got to the present.

I am from… 

Sophia St. Pierre

I am from large trees that smell like honey
From being called PooBear in a sweet calm voice and Sophia Rose when my parents are mad
I am from the large paintings
Abstract, colorful, and beautiful
The sent of essential oils taking up the whole house
I am from random plants that my mom spends too much money for
Large, overpriced, but for some reason necessary 

I’m from my french and English grandparents that don’t understand each other
From my annoying younger brother that yells way too much and my sister that gives me amazing advice
I’m from Iceland, and England due to my mom’s side, Quebec, and Canada due to my dads 

I’m from large celebrations and tasty food
I’m from my moms dry chicken, and my dads gross chicken salad sandwiches I’m from my mom’s support and my dad’s little talks about success 

I am from being told to go to bed and now being told to wake up early for swimming I’m from back rubs at night that helped me go to bed
The hugs my parents insist on having 10 times a day
From the amazing trips, we have every summer 

Being able to spend amazing quality time with my loving family 

I Am From- Poem 

Samantha G

I am from vinyl records
From Gamecube and Fender Stratocasters,
I am from frown-lines over kitchen table bills
Chaotic, rushed
With a scent of lemon cleaner,
I am from aloe plants,
The same ones that soothe my dad’s burnt and calloused hands
I’m from laughter past dark and academic excellence
From Shelby, and all Gannon women
I’m from bluntness and hard workers
From “Why not 100?” and “Don’t be like her”
I’m from the outside of a church door, with fear that I’d be exiled if I were to knock
I’m from a small town not unlike others
From charred burgers and my mother’s lasagna
From my mother’s childhood and made-for-TV documentaries
The honey-dipped sarcasm of my brother
The bin of stuffed animals too sacred to throw away
I am from women who forget their worth around the wrong people
From the tense sounds of badly-played guitar and the thumping from the apartment above mine From secret smiles shared over shoulders and inside jokes
I am from importance 

I am From

Daniel PierottiI

 am from computers
From Apple and Windows
I am from the muddy floors and paw prints (dirty, cute, could never clean them up)
I am from walnut trees, who always caused issues whilst lawn mowing.
I’m from relaxing by the tv and loving animals
From Nicole and Scott
I’m from the dog lovers and the card players  
From “give it a try!” and “finish what you’ve started!”
I’m from Easter egg hunts, and Christmas parties
I’m from Niagara Falls and Pierotti’s
Spaghetti and meatballs, perogies
From my dad’s dog running and hiding in the thunderstorms
My dog chasing after squirrels until he can’t reach them
In my living room on the shelves, carefully created albums by multiple members of the family
We store all the past memories, whether good or bad, so we can look back on them when we are older.

I Am From

I am from video game controllers,
from Vik Firth and SBGI,
I am from the normal outside, different inside, Intuitive, Athletic,
but yet not noticed, 

I am from the apple tree,
outside my window, lurking from my garden, I am from oversized turkeys,
and that one large Christmas,
From Sarah and Steve,
1 of 3, quite similar to me, 

From work hards, and “it can be better”, I am from no rules, and “Oi!” (Portuguese for hey),
I am from Hamilton to Niagara, Pringles, summer BBQ’s 

From the bronzes and gold, the cuts to goals,
The photos on the fireplace, and knowing this is my place.