Welcome, poets from Fayerweather Street School!

Here is a wonderful collection from third graders who worked hard to get this to us. We are thrilled to have this excellent group of poems. Thank you students and Nabia!

From Nabia Meghelli, 3rd grade teacher Fayerweather Street School

Founded in 1967, Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, MA is a PreK to grade 8 school with an emphasis on progressive education. We strive to help students connect with their own curiosity and find joy in learning. We offer a thematic, project-based curriculum, with a focus on social justice issues, and an anti-bias curriculum. We have a diverse student population, plus a co-teacher model with multi-age classrooms. Due to COVID-19, we are teaching in single grade bands. This third-grade class wrote their I Am From Poems in multiple drafts and with peer critique after reading and listening to several poets’ versions.


I am from

By Anonymous

I am from round eggo waffles

with rainbow sherbet on top, 

From warm noodles with tiny shrimp, lemon juice, and cheese on top.

I am from things in the oven, from skunk spray, from woodpeckers hammering, from coyotes howling, from music from computers, From daylight racoon.

I am from cheese and crackers, from are you a professional? From just so’s you know, from arf arf.

I am from mom, from dad, from Stan, from Li & G, from Bridget & Tessie.

I am from Legoland Resort,

from Niagara Falls and Great Wolf Lodge,

From the breeders house where I bought my dog Bridget.

I am from Easter,

from Halloween,

from Christmas,

from June 5th.


I Am From Poem                   

By Athena 

I am from cookies, soft and delicious

I am from turkey, fresh from the oven

I am from dirt from the paths of nature

I am a campsite near the city

I am a house with people in it

I am nuts like my mother

I am cute like my mother

I am loved by my family

I am from my blanket covering me up with cozy warmness

I am like my bathrobe that I barely wear

I am like my computer that use for doing assignments on

I am like my bed that gives me comfort

I am like my mother sweet and lovely

I am like cars rumbling on the ground with potholes

I am like myself soft, adorable and cuddly

I am like my grandparents Thanksgiving poppers

I am like my toys soft and rough and playful 

I am like my lamp very beautiful and doggish

I am from snake very scaly, slimy, scary and amazing

I am like my tiger soft and cuddly 

I am like food soft, warm and delicious


I Am From 

By Rory Bowler

I am from burgers 

warm and fresh. 

I am from my aunt’s turkey

hot and steamy. 

I am from cookies

nice and crunchy

just out of the oven.

I am from dusty air that rises over the city.

I am from the dogs that bark while their owners walk them by. 

I am from a car that is making a rumble in the ground.

I am from my dad 

big and strong. 

I am from my mom

nice and sweet. I am from all my loved ones. 

I am from watching football 

And watching the players run. 

I am from my three cats Parry, Coal, and Jack. Nice and soft. 

This is my poem. I hope you like it.


I Am From

By Otis

I am from white warm Whole Foods mac

and cheese with bread crumbs.

I am from the yucca fries 

that Whole Foods stopped selling.

I am from the stone tower

on top of Prospect Hill.

I am from the cake-like lemon scone at The Biscuit

in Bow Market.

I am from the cars driving in Union Square.

I am from Ollie, my cat, who overeats. 

I am from Lindy, my cat who has a green eye and a blue eye. 

I am from my mom and I love reading Harry Potter with her. 

I am from my dad and I love playing Clash Royale 

and Clash of Clans with him.

I am from my Nana’s house in Delaware,

my cousins’ house near New York City.

I am from the Fells.


Go Outside!                                                                                                 

By Anonymous

I am from soft, sweet Dan ta yellow as sunshine,eating them on Chinese New Year

        I am from warm stringy turkey with cranberry sauce, smooth as silk

                    I am from Char Siu Bao, steaming in a pot chewy with a spice 

I am police sirens to ambulance sirens blaring  in my ears

     Trees blowing from dawn to dusk and kids playing all day long

I am from Go Outside! and Go to bed!

I am from Ruby who loves to run

     Mom and Dad to Grandma and Papa

           Wai-Gong and Wai-Po, speaking Mandarin Chinese

I am from Massachusetts its where I live and the trees I love to climb

   I am from nature I always try to respect

      I am from genes and my culture

         I am from every book there is

              I am from COVID-19, which is horrible


Where I Am From

By Lily

I am from gooey kabob on a long golden plate.

I am from long, skinny, green beans that I slurp from a warm casserole.

I am from the beautifully warm sunset.

and the soft, lovely, soaring lullaby of the birds.

I am from it’s good enough for your aunt.

I am from Florida and Iran.

I am from the water park and the crisp apple orchard.

I am from Susan and Gila,

I am from Don and April,

I am from a perfect life.


I Am Poem 

By Tessa

I am from steaming mounds 

of mashed potatoes 

mushy carrots

and chewy meat

I am from Mitra

I am from the writings on the wall

I am from Griffin and her squeaky duck toy

I am from crispy

warm cauliflower

I am from steaming split soup                                                                    with juicy ham

I am from Miles and Logan

I am from scurrying opossums

I am from Mummy and Momma

I am from Tucker 

shaking water all over the floor.


I Am From Poem

By Niklas McCarroll

I am from light creamy hummus

crunchy chickpeas 

and fresh 

new cucumbers 

sweeping it up.

I am from the big wooden dinner table,

as the sun shines its hot, 

bright light on it.

I am from the shady backyard,

with its grass and flowers

swaying swiftly,

in the wind.

I am from the giant birch trees 

towering over the path 

to the house.

I am from the piano,

as its musical keys

play anything they can.

I am from you don’t worry 

you don’t fret

all you do is just forget.

I am from all my pets,

though some of them

are  in sleep.

I am from sneaky Clause, and

awesome Andrew.


I Am From Poem 

By Tabitha Feller

I am from ribs

spicy, yum

corn on the cob,

very buttery.

I am from fondue

gooey chocolate, 

drip, drip, drip

rice crispy treats dipped in chocolate


I am from scratch, scratch

hi buddy


Bark, bark.

I am from Sparkle

scratching our chairs

and drinking from our sink.

I am from Martha’s Vineyard

from the beach

and the pond

the soft serve and the ice cream 

from sailing.

I am from my family

mama, dada

nana, papa


Eleanor, Grace.

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