Three new moving, welcome poems today.

I Am From

Brianna Paul

The Watcher

I am from the endless moments of laughter from friends

I am from the piercing boom boom boom of 2 African women

I am from the gramma stirring the banku 

lifting the stick only to flip the dough over with much force

I am from the resulting warm hot smelling meal of banku and pepper soup

I am from adjusting from the honk honk, go go bustling city to the simpler suburbia city

I am from the mother leaving at 6pm at night 4 days a week

To work her 12 hour shifts dedicating her time to her patients

I am from a single parent household

a parent who wishes nothing more than to focus on my education

I am from sitting in a bathroom and counselors office during lunch hidden away from the noise, from the fright

I am from the adrenaline pumping gun 

shot to racing down the pavement and grass, using my endurance and stamina to finish the race

I am from the two unhappy pet fish

that died under my watch

I am from the straight line of wanting to be an adult badly

To the curve line of enjoying childhood 

I am from the cold emptiness to the fullest of warmth

I am from the over decorated Christmas tree and no feast insight

I am from the robin who sits at the windowsill

Chirping away, looking down to Earth and up to Heaven

I am from holding my ground being kind, and loving to the ones who I share the best memories with

I am from the angel who looks after my family, reassuring that it’s going to be okay


I Am From

Brooke O”Brien

I am from traditional italian pastas,

from rigatoni, le farfalle and tortellini with focaccia bread.

I am from playing inside to loving the outdoors.

I’m from remembering the taste of baked goods,

from grandma’s homemade gooey apple pies to her sweet fudge brownies.

I am from learning how to drive with my mom,

in the old Volkswagen, as if it were my own.

I’m from holding onto stuffed animals,

while keeping the lights on,

all throughout the pitchblack night.

I am from growing up with cartoons,

which is now binge watching netflix.

I’m from playing video games upstairs in the dark,

losing track of time.

I’m from loving books of all kinds,

from manga all the way to romance novels.

I am from gymnastic gymnasiums,

to daily cheerleading practices.

They had the smell of hardwork and dreams.

I’m from naming my joyful and affectionate cat cuddles,

from having a zoo,

live inside my own home.

I am from those moments like an apple,

fallen from the family tree.


I Am From

Elyse (Elle) Ward 

I am from the blue. 
The Lake Michigan waters where my mother’s ashes spread 
Like an octopus I swim there 
My tentacles entangle me. 
I am from the depths of the ocean 
And I swam to shore to see the light 
I was disappointed 
I want to be where the people are 
And I was 
I saw the people 
Dancing, crying, fighting, laughing 
I did all those things too 
I have done all those things a thousand times just like you 
And I cried a million times more 
I am from the blue 
And I receded into the black 
That dark place we all wonder about and fear 
The blackness of life 
The place with no hope 
The place without depth 
I receded into pain 
And finally emptiness
I receded to the grave 
Shallow or deep 
I dug it myself 
So I could rest in peace 
I didn’t want to be saved 
Or talked out of 
I couldn’t change 
And you couldn’t change me 
I was cursed from the beginning 
Whether from knowledge 
Or neurochemistry 
I did it to myself 
Because it was the easy way out 
We all make our choices 
We all try to make life meaningful 
We all look for hope 
In smiles, in laughter
In empty bottles 
In full rooms 
In clothes and fine jewelry 
In mansions with no taste 
We Look for meaning 
We hang on a little bit longer 
We put up the good fight 
So we can go to sleep at night 
I have no answers,
Not the answers you’re looking for 
You’re looking for why 
I”m looking for hope 
Sometimes we can’t find what we’re looking for 
I guess that’s why we call it looking 
I dug my grave. 
I rose from the darkness 
To look for the light 
But I came from the blue 
I think that we all knew 


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