These single, lovely poems, all different from each other, all powerful.

I am from…

 By Ehre Maas.

I am from Utah 

Where my ancestors traveled the world to settle,

Giving up everything to reach the beautiful valleys,

And the mountain ranges that stretch around and protect them.

I am from Indiana 

Quarries of limestone around every corner,

Mined to help build monuments all around America.

Fields stretching as far as the eyes can see to provide food for people to eat.

I am from Virginia

Created long ago to help build a nation,

Full of history and stories of love.

Home to large protests for change,

Yearning for a change that is so close yet seems so far.

I am from America

Where I have freedoms and privileges that others do not,

A country that has been trying to learn from its mistakes,

and a place of safety and refuge for so many.

I am from Earth

Where everyone is different with their own struggles,

Each an important piece to this giant puzzle.

That one-day other people will look at and be amazed by how far we have all come.

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