Keeping us real and full of hope, just because of our stories, here is a new poem

What I Am From

By: Nicholas Oesterreich 

What am I from,

I am from my features,

My memories

My feelings

I am from masks

My breath passing through the cloth

The cleaning of the house

I am from my closed eyes,

My cats near me,

I am from that calm feeling

I am from math,

From long days spent studying,

But also goofing off with friends.

I am from books

From thousands of hours on my bed,

All spent reading

I am the mountains,

The thin mist blanket obscuring the view,

The dreamy days and long nights.

I am from the music at 10:00 pm,

The yells from family to quiet down,

From headphones I fall asleep with.

The things that make me me

I am from myself


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