As we come to the middle of April, poetry month, what a fine way to continue on…!

My little Life

By Genesis Sanchez-Arevalo

I am from Lucinda my treasured, beautiful, American girl doll

From Takatsu ramen and Abuelita hot chocolate.

I am from loud, small, nice, comfortable.

It was one of the best.

 I’m from nature among us.

  The flowers and vegetables.

I’m from the tradition where every birthday we would put “Las Mananitas” by cepillin

From Mom And Dad And Dios

 I’m from biting my nail and being over-expressive of emotions.

From “STOP CRYING” and “Finish your vegetables”

I am from being Christian and believing in God.

I am from America, Mexico and El Salvador

I am from Tamales and Pususas

I am from a Hispanic little girl becoming a woman,

I am from good but not the best grades

I am from the name Genesis Sanchez-Arevalo.

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