A Beautiful collection of poems from the El Buen Samartano Community ESL Program..Amy Herman, teacher…Thank you!




I Am from a “pueblo pequeno”, as little as a hummingbird.

From a place where the rivers flow milk.

I am from Sunday afternoons of matinee,

with my sisters and friends.

From processions, prayers

and lent during the Holyweek.

I am from an unknown “abuelo”,

full of great stories to enjoy.

From my “abuela” who said: “Visitors two joys give us,

one when they arrive, and another when they leave.

I am from summer vacations at the ranch,

sipping milk at the cows’ feet.

From spending Sunday lunch, gathered with the whole family,

enjoying bone soup, chopped meat, rice and salad,

then, a lemon pie.

I am from begonias, lilies and roses,

embellishing our garden.

From a place where we called 

all razors: Gillette. 

I am from a “pueblo pequeno”, living now in weird and beautiful Austin,

I love the city and the way of life.

From a place where wherever I go or wherever I stay, I carry,

not in a backpack, but in my heart, all my traditions and memories

because we have the conviction that probably tomorrow, we can stay 





I am from the sun, the dew,

the smell of wet earth

and the smell of coffee every morning.

From the flavor of bean and cheese arepa

and family meetings at the table.

I come from a large family, united and reunited many times.

To share, laugh and celebrate life.

From flowery fields, from the shade of large trees, 

from ripe mangoes on the ground and 

from animals playing with each other.

From the music of the vast plain, the playing of children in the streets,

and teenagers playing on the soccer field.

From the great friends of childhood and memory

of our ice creams and dances at school.

And the unforgettable memory of our game with dolls.




I´m from a traditional town. 

Where historic events are celebrated.

I love to walk around the historic buildings.

I love to eat delicious enchiladas mineras.

I love to eat exotic ice cream in the plaza.

I´m from drinking natural water, tamarindo, horchata, my favorites.

I´m from eucaliptos and mezquites trees.

I´m from a traditional meeting in my grandparents’ home.

I love when my grandmother cooks something delicious for everybody.

I´m from playing with my cousins.

I love it when the whole family decides to visit the mountains.

I´m from breathing fresh air.

I love when little insects fly around me. Sometimes it scares me.

I love the sound of the water running across the river.

I love to see a colorful flower over the grass.

Sometimes I feel afraid when it rains too hard.

I´m from eating tacos, pozole and tamales, especially when my mom cooks for the family.

I´m from the mariachi songs and bands too.

I’m from dancing because I feel happy.

I´m from the excepcional memories in my school.

I love to play during school break times.

I love to imagine new things and opportunities.

I love to help other people.

I love dreaming day by day.

I´m from beautiful memories.

Where I am From




I am from fun, 

from soups every sunday, (eaten in the company 

of 4 generations of family)

warming me up, from both 

grandmas singing in the background

filled with joy.

I am from lakes, breezes

cooling me off every morning,

from colourful houses and the 

beloved sun and where the flashes of  

Catatumbo lightning would

light up the nights.

I am from warm afternoons in 

my neighborhood, where the wheels 

of my skates rolled in the streets. I am 

from the month of November, from the 

gaitas, from those nights that lasted 

till dawn.

I am from there, from the

lakes, from the big bridge, black and blue, 

descended from a people accustomed to heat,

and I look at the sky, I wonder when I can

feel that heat again where I am from.




I am From M. Muzquiz Coah. Mexico. 

I am from big mountains, 

from the smell of tierra mojada. 

I am from walnut trees. 

I am from clear and sweet water, 

bathed with dirt. 

From blue skies and pure air, 

From playing on the street with my friends. 

I am from where we gather around the table, together on Sundays, 

eating barbacoa. 

From the smell of flour tortillas. 

I am from unconditional love from my grandparents, from a small house, modest food. 

I am from going to church and enjoying a snow cone and chips at the plaza. 

From where they call us norteños. 

I am from where there is always 

something to celebrate, 

from singing las mañanitas then 

ending with a “mordida” to the cake.

I am from where with tears I brought a full suitcase of memories.

From when  I need strength I open the suitcase and continue.

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