Juliet and Taiya have sent some sweet poems for October…enjoy the month, everyone!

 By Juliet Crocker

I Am From

I am from homemade play-dough,

from strings and beads.

I am from freshly baked bread and music filling the walls.

I am from the front-yard tree that whose soil grasped the smooth hands of my mother and stepfather.

I am from bedtime stories and undiscovered worlds,

from Newfoundland and farming grandparents,

and from weird and weirder,

from unconditional love.

I am from Christmas music while decorating the tree,

from Jigs dinner and garden veggies,

from feeding 1500 chickens,

and from quilting with a loved one.

Butterflies in a field.

I am from the moments of beauty that are woven into me with passing time.

I Am From

Taiya Farrugia

I am from swing sets that sway.

I am from sitting on the porch watching the lightning strike.

I am from birds chirping and cars humming.

I am from bike rides to the sandy beach.

I am from big fluffy dogs with heart shaped noses.

I am from green grass and blossoming flowers.

I am from the busiest city.

I am from tall highrises. 

I am from a busy household with doors slamming,tv loud,phones ringing, and sisters screaming. 

I am from bouncy trampolines and galloping horses.

I am from the Mediterranean with the sea breeze,fresh light crispy pastries ,and warm weather. 

I am from my dad’s sweet and savory pecan pie.

I am from my mom’s hugs that can solve any problem.

I am from laughing all night with friends until we can’t breath.

I am from island music with sweet mangos and starfruits. 

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