A whole class contributed to this October poem..Thank you everyone.

Where I Am From
By Notre Dame Moreau Class Section 34-092021

I am from fields of corn as far as the eye can see.
I am from pinecones and evergreens; poison ivy and mosquito bites.
I am from Commerce and Detroit, from Detroit Tigers games and summer boat rides.
I am from Edgewood, Kentucky; a community bonded over faith and family.

I am from a place where my escape is being able to ski with friends in the winter.
I am from running, morning races, and evening workouts. I am from the scent of new Nike shoes and
muddy dirt trails.
I am from sitting by the fire pit with friends and family alike, talking about whatever, looking at the stars,
and singing along to country all through the night.
I am from the most popular sport in the world, the sport that gave me the opportunity to create
lifelong friends and experience unity.
I am from the fin/Users/julielandsman 1/Library/Containers/com.apple.mail/Data/Library/Mail Downloads/8858B82E-4C36-4F2D-8934-5775A9F4B409/Moreau Class Section 34-092021 Where I Am From (Text).txtely sewn leather baseballs which alters its spin through different grips.
I am from working to improve, trying to perfect my craft each and every day, and conditioning myself so
there are no excuses, so that come match days, I could make my team, coach, and family proud.

I am from oak wood church pews with a crucifix on the wall.
I am from E-Street radio while driving east down I-90.
I am from catching up at the dinner table from a long days work.
I am from mommaís homemade meals, from lifted F350s hauling cattle at 15 over, and the Kendall
County Fair. I am from empty cups of sweet iced tea + Whataburger trash that filled the trashcan in
the house.
I am from classical music and NPR, from analog entertainment only, piano practice, and reading by the
light in the hall.

I am from long car rides packed in for hours, bonding ñ and arguing ñ with my family.
I am from a crowded dinner table, food spilled here and there.
I am from basketball in the driveway with my brother; from disputes over the score and almost every
I am from my momís hugs before goodbye and my dadís ëI love youí as I walk out the door.

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