One at a time, these poems continue to amaze. Thank you Noritra!

Where I’m From  

Naritra  Chatterjee

 I am from the dazzling chromatic ribbons of culture

From incense and sandalwood that burn my nostrils  
I am from the scarlet and flaxen powers that coat my face
(Crumbling, earthy)

I’m from the magic of Bengali, 
    mellifluous, and soft, like how honey tastes. 
I’m from এখানে আসুন ,and আমার কথা শোন
From homemade food, cooked in pots

I am from generations of thinkers, and entrepreneurs. 
People who love me, and don’t, that’s where I’m from

I am from the shyness that always caused rough starts
From the longing to touch others’ hearts.
I am from being different, but just wanting to be the same
All the loneliness that ended up in this art

I am from the inky treasures that adorn my walls,
Easy solitude in the spines of gentle seaside hues, soft blues,
 greys and browns. 

I’m from the tang of sweet acidity and vanilla halls
From the glimmering world of wishing wells and fairytales 

I’m from the ultramarine of fantasy oceans,
The velveteen sheen of the stage curtains just before showtime

From the thrum of the violin, vibrating inside me
To all the music, that is my life

For I’m from that feeling of utter aliveness, a rush of flow of ruthless energy.
From that deep thrilling undercurrent of danger, that makes me feel richer and better and more alive than anything else.

I am from the choices and changes of a story I’m still writing. 


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