Two new poems to begin the long, sweet November weekend.Thank you McKenzee and Angela!

I am from… By McKenzee Mosby 

I am from the muddy river 

I am from her tree of life 

I am from the warmth of her embrace

From the piece of her heart 

And parts of her flesh 

I am from her soft eyes and bright smile

 I am from her nightmares 

I am from her dreams 

I am from her joy and happiness

 And her sorrow and despair

I am from her triumphs and successes 

And her failures and defeats 

From her shallow, light thoughts 

To her deepest, dark ones

I am no blessing, nor am I a curse 

In her eyes, I am her future

Her future of love

I am her relief 

I am her peace 

A second chance 

Maybe her awakening 

I am her everything 

In her eyes, I am her pride and joy

In her eyes I can be anything 

In her eyes, I am greatness

“Where I’m From”

Angela Caplan

I’m from dandelion greens

I’m from pinesol and chlorox bleach, lucky strikes and watermelon sliced and carried to be eaten at the picnic table after dinner, in the park where dad worked

I’m from dancing ‘round the table and eating fried meatballs

From brothers and baseball, chess and checkers

In awe of books, none at home but, one bible

From the radio playing Bach, Beethoven, and Nat King Kole

I’m from Motown, go-go boots, ironed hair and skirts in school

Grandpa’s wine, Grandma’s big beautiful body

Grandma’s big beautiful hugs

I’m from “you have- not and your cousins have, so keep quiet”

I’m from being attracted but, no way can date a black boy, only dance ‘til can dance no more at  high school dances

Assassinations, riots, protests, 4 dead in Ohio

Beatles and TM

Baba and Meditation

From falling in love and marrying in spite of parents threatening to disown

I’m from hippies and home births

I’m from guys behind bars in maximum and medium

From pottery, theater and bookstore, bookseller, books galore

From world dance and modern, “in the long line”

I’m from deeper and more steady, strong and blissful meditation

I’m from raising kids, teaching dance, teaching yoga, learning lots

I’m from healing arts, spa, sweetbriar

From Big Island and Amma’s daughter with scorn on her face and pain in her heart

From rolling with laughter with girlfriends, my honey, my kids, myself

From tears and loss, from hope and trust, from love and respect

Grandma, Grand-Ma

His stage 4, to healed

Reiki magic, Guru’s Grace

Stress test, need rest

Want to offer, a leaf, a pebble

Siddhas, Sangham, Connection, Collective

Forest Dream, I take a step

And step and step, to merge within

And walk the talk

And walk in Peace.

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