An excellent I Am From poem, by Finley P. It will warm all of you in this winter time.


Finley P.

I am from my dad’s driftwood cribbage board and late night games,

cardboard Halloween costumes: racecar and astronaut.

I am from lemonade stands, plum trees, and popsicles on the sidewalk,

rainy days for lounging and having a good time and 

my aunt’s beautiful, lakeside wedding.

I am from getting lost in the world of Harry Potter, 

skiing on the mountain with my uncle and

learning chess with my grandpa.

I am from short but sweet trips to the coast, 

snuggling up to Great British bake off with my mom,

having a second family across the street, 

spending hours on end with my Legos.

I am from my dad’s flat, square, cut-up eggs, my mom’s chocolate cake and playing the Wii with my brother. 

I am from practically living at the library.

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