Sierra Isabella has sent a poem filled with color and dancing and food!

I Am From

Sierra Isabella

I am from

Cold rainy days wearing knitted sweaters so cozy it makes me sleepy

Wherever I turn my head I see  yellow, blue, and red 

Because it represents my country.

I am from

Waking up to the glorious smell of rice and beans with potatoes

 waiting for me to eat them.

Brown coffee beans smell strong but at the same time delicious.

I am from

Tan skin color with black hair and beautiful long lashes

Traditional dances light up my mood.

Women dancing in long colorful dresses with perfect embroidery

all handmaid with someone’s hard work

Tap, Tap, Tap goes the dancer’s shoes, and before I know it, I’m dancing too.

I am from 

Music with accordions, Acoustic guitars, and maracas.

When they all come together they sound like the perfect combo 

They make me want to sing along and smile.

I am from

 tall green mountains

Chickens, cows, and horses roaming all around.

Family welcoming me into their home

Even though it isn’t my home

They always make sure they make me feel like it is.

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