Here is an honest, open, brilliant poem. Images, sounds, thoughts, story. All here.

I  am from

By Aram Klyn

I am from Minneapolis

The brisk gray city

It’s tall glass towers enclosed by trees

My small house on a quiet street

I am from Columbus

The dull beige capital of Ohio

Speckled with red around the university

The brown brick road of my street

The trees, hanging low

Their bark like sandpaper

I am from Evanston

The leafy suburb just outside Chicago

The classmates who hated me

The classmates who protected me

The bus ride every morning

Part of me is still there

Part of me feels like I never left

I am from Duluth

My grandmothers house, nestled on a hill

The smell of baking wafting through the halls

The happy sounds of my family echoing from downstairs

My dogs scratching at the door

I am from a long line of trans kids

Who don’t feel right in their bodies

Who don’t get what they need

Who don’t get understood

Who don’t get the simple courtesy of being called the right thing

Who’s government passes laws that hurt them

Who get left behind

I am from that hill

Where I sat, alone, for hours

The grass scratching my back

The wind on my face

The yellow sun juxtaposed against the blue sky

The whole of the city laid out before me

I am from those hours spent reading books

And playing video games

And writing stories

Escaping, if just for a moment, to another world

Worlds where things feel possible

Stories with a hero

I am from the chasm of space

Infinite depths of dust

I’m a speck on a speck on a speck

In the vast void

I am from mankind

A flawed race of infinite variety

My heart

My brain

My body

One flawed machine

I am me

A Minnesotan

An Ohioan

A Chicagoan

A trans girl

An introvert

A nerd

A speck

A human

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