we are ready for spring…bring it on, poets!

I am from Poem

by: Basil Sheikh

I am from my purple and green blanket from when I was a kid.

From Nike soccer boots and Adidas soccer ball

I am from a brick 2 story at the corner of the street and a big front yard house, and the sound of my neighbors dogs barking.

I am from moving houses a lot, I moved from Waterloo,Canada to Saudi Arabia to Oman to Mississauga to back to Waterloo and then to Thorold.

I’m from having a big breakfast with friends and family on the day of Eid and receiving eidi which is usually money on eid.

From Abdul Munam and Maimoona Munam.

I’m from the family with dark hair and love to play and watch sports.

From always stick together and never lose hope because God is always with you.

I’m from the Islamic Faith, and first generation Pakistani parents.

I’m from Kitchner, Waterloo, Canada, Shawarma, Biryani, and mangoes.

From the time where I put my younger brother in a laundry basket which resulted in him facturing his arm.  

From sneaking into the sports complex with my older brother when I used to live in Oman, the family pictures scattered around everywhere in my house.


Melody Gervais_________________

I am from laughing in the kitchen with my brother at midnight, both of us knowing we have school and need to wake up early.

I am from being an older brother to Keegan, Savannah, Jeffery, Everyleigh, Braelynn and Damien and a younger brother to Hailey and Kenndra.

I am from walking ungodly hours with my Trevor.

I am from Walmart cart races in a parking lot with street lights as our spotlights for whoever wins.

I am from late night check up calls with Trinity.

I am from going out to eat with my small group of friends.

I am from sharing a gatorade and sitting on the rocks by the pond with Grace.

I am from learning how to fight and then practice fighting with Eric.

I am from cutting and dying my own hair in the school’s washroom.

I am from dancing to loud music with my mother and brother in the afternoon when a good song comes on.

I am from humorous conversations in the car with my dad on the way to school.

I am from pretend spaceships and playing tag with my youngest siblings.

I am from hard video game levels and handing the controller off to my brother so that he can beat it for me.

I am from maintaining a good and happy relationship with my mother and father.

I am from weekly gossip sessions with my mom, filling her in on every little detail.

I am from sitting around my dnd table and having a good time with my party, Carter, Zach, Jesse, Jason, Jesnon, Rex, Sean and Tyresse.

I am from sitting in the learning commons with friends and helping each other with problems.

I am from the adrenaline rush as me and Cheyanne almost get caught for missing our specific class.

I am from trashtalking with Grace and Elliot.

I am from tackle hugging Trinity.

I am from walking to the gas station as we all freeze to death only just to get an energy drink.

I am from being too early or very late.

I am from slurs being screamed at me and screaming back at Connor, Cohen and Luka.

I am from buying snacks and energy drinks with my friends and chilling at the skatepark.

I am from running outside when it’s raining to dance in the rain with Trinity, Cheyanne, Trevor, Leo, Milo, Donnie, Othello, Silver, Elliot, Saturn, Grace and Annastia, splashing in puddles and using the street lamp lights as spotlights.

I am cheesy dad jokes and getting my friends to scoff and roll their eyes.

I am from doing and saying absolute nonsense with Milo, Donnie, Othello, Leo and Silver.

I am from sitting at a small table and eating chicken for lunch with Donnie, Leo, Trinity and Cheyanne.

I am from chaos with Leo and Eric.

I am from death staring at the people who me and my group do not like for various reasons.

I am from drinking 2-3 energy drinks in an hour just so that I don’t fall asleep.

I am from drawing with Aiden and Rihan in a resource class.

I am from listening to uncle Dex sing his song for soundcloud and screeching when he hands me the mic, only to laugh at it moments later when we’re listening to it.

I am from spitting random facts about tmnt and dc superheroes.

I am from me and my dad texting things that make no sense.

I am from tagging my mom and dad in funny tiktoks in find.

I am from “Mom, i threw up” Jokes with my mom at 10:00 at night.

I am from homemade meals and helping my parents cook them.

I am from my family and friends, turning me into ME.

     I am from the tree of us

Dalton Joliecoeur

I am from the frogs in the pond at my grandmother’s house on a rainy day.

I am from the small brown house with 3 stars at the peck of it that represents the 3 of us and driftwood all around the garden.

I am from the smell of meatballs and homemade spaghetti sauce being made on a saturday morning.

I am from the 3 of us always having each other till the end matter what.

I am from riding my bike with my friends down a big hill and not being able to stop my bike.

I am from me, my mom’s only son, my sister’s only brother and always the man of the house.

I am the 3 of us always and forever.

Olivia Julien

I am from drawing,painting and crafts.

I am from hot summers and ice cream trucks.

I am from ballerina classes and tutus.

I am from playing soccer with my sister Jayden.

I am from gymnastics and ribbons.

I am from cheerleading with competitions and trophies.

I am from game nights and movie nights with popcorn and candy.

I am from Pan’s Labyrinth, my favorite movie since I was 5 years old.

I am from Florida beaches and swimming with lake alligators in my nana’s backyard.

I am from looking for seashells and drinking out of coconuts.

I am from road tripping to Nova Scotia,fishing and 4 wheeling on secret paths.

I am from 2 hour walks looking for adventure.

I am from shopping for things I don’t need while spending a lot of money.

I am from moving from 14 different houses.

I am from St.Catharines ontario.

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