New poems from Alison Lazo’s class at The American School Foundation of Guadalajara, A.C.

Alexa Zepeda

I am from a pond with no fish. 

From almond butter and toast. 

I am from the chill dorm, quiet, loud, relaxing. 

I am from sunflower, yellow, soft, beautiful.

I’m from Christmas and brown eyes. 

From Zepeda and Valencia. 

I’m from the beach vacation and adventures. 

From be careful and Felicidades.

I’m from Guadalajara and homemade granola, acai bowls. 

From the dancing family that never stops dancing till they can’t stand anymore. 

The bus that wasn’t our bus then chased the right bus on a taxi for the tour until we saw the bus on Windsor Castle. Going each vacation to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. 

Rania Penilla 

I am from  the city of Guadalajara 

I am from the  kitchen’s  fridge at midnight  feeling hungry, happy, and with a huge appetite 

I am from the Panguratas that take place in my home,

With its huge white flower pot with really large and tall branches covered in leaves

I’m from Christmas dinner  and  big mood swings  

From Karime and Galo  

I’m from having a huge same appearance as my mom and grandma and the same manners 

From “ si lo encuentro que te hago?” and “no nací ayer” 

I’m from having lots of catholic religious items in my house, like the frame hanging in my dining room with a golden frame 

I’m from the descendant of Lebanese and the family tree, and the word Habibi    

Jorge Domingues

I am from the golden medallion, the one from strength, power, vigor, and force.

From the Pingüinos and Gansito’s, to good to forget, and more than just chocolate.

I’m from the Taurus’. The strong and mighty, the fast and brave, the serious and the dedicated. And the ones who stand up for the little guy. The bull’s who always call B.S. Hey, B.S means bad sportsmanship. You knew that, right?

I am from the peaceful war of words against Larchmont and Mamaroneck, to determine where our school was (I think it was Mamaroneck, let’s go). The overexaggerated rich on the Larchmont side and the I’ve-got-it-good-but-I’m-not-Mark-Zuckerberg normie’s from Mamaroneck. 

I’m from a home, a quaint little home, that’s kept me safe for my whole life, so peaceful and average, right across the high school I was going to attend. (Funny, since I’ve always been late to school, and this time I could have been the first one in the building.)

I am from my makeshift Yggdrasil, the image that I painted in my mind for my first 8th grade english project, and an excuse to try to get to know the nice girl with blond hair sitting next to me, the one with the twin sister, who I thought were the same people.

I’m from Las Mañanitas on birthdays and the Sunday and holiday church attendances, the first of 2 Catholic children in my home. From the family game nights every night, when I get to spend some time with my dad after both of our hard days of work, to the point where he’s so tired he could sleep 45 minutes throughout the evening with 2 kids talking, a TV on 37 volume, and a mother washing dishes.

I’m *biologically, according to science and genes and stuff* from the caring and overprotective-but-still-extremely-lovable mother, Karina Estrada and the fun-loving, caring, motivational hard-working father, Antonio Domingues. Never give up, he always says.

I’m from the future, if you think about it, always stronger, smarter, slightly-by-zero-point something-percent-but-that’s-still-relevant-funnier. It’s just a matter of perspective, I guess. From all the philosophical thoughts, always stuck in my mind, projected by the songs I sing in the shower, from rap to love songs, to hip hops and the uplifters. 

From the “Never give up”’ and the “I don’t like it/you, I love it/you”. The infamous words of my father and his father, legacies that last an eternity in one’s mind, but will sadly be forgotten one day. I need a legacy, soon.

I’m from the lover boys, the heartbroken, not the heartbreakers. From the memories that sad love songs bring, even If I hear them just to remember an old friend of mine, one I miss more than I thought I would. This one’s for you Ellie. Even though I have to move on without you, I’ll never forget your love for Giveon’s album’s.

I’m from the scarred, inside and out, the mark on my hand that reminds me of my resistance, courage, battle rage, and the scars inside, like the name Rosalie Smith, Mila the bird, and that time I blocked my friend by accident for a month. But he forgave me, and now we text everyday. Sorry Felix.

But even through all those crazy things I’ve been through, I’m proud to say that I’m from the Frenchies, the Fast Track’s and the Godspeed’s, the fun-lover’s and hard-workers, and especially the characteristical’s (I know that’s not a word), you know, the guys who have like every character trait a human can have, which kind of makes us the paradoxical people. One minute I’m longing the someone’s I used to know (great song Lizzie, you’re an amazing singer) and the next I’m upbeat and feeling like everything is awesome (also great song, Lego Emmet, and haven’t seen you since you moved in 6th grade Emmet who was an actual person) and the next I’m back to feeling completely at peace, just a board of driftwood from my peace tree, floatin’ through my vast sea of thoughts until I make up an imaginary island to dock on or something.

I’m from the creative people, the off the grid’s of the assignment kind of person, a personal person, who just let’s his mind and heart write the poem themselves, the type of person who just decided to delete the rest of the template and has no regrets! About that, at least. 

Getting back on track (hehe. Get it, cuz I’m fast), I’m from the people who don’t see a point in conclusions like the english class style where you can read the conclusion and still understand the whole point of the debate essay. Sorry DeMarco. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like conclusions. I mean, THIS is a conclusion. Or is it all an illusion… No, it’s a conclusion. But you see, in this single poem, or should I say, essay, I’ve basically shown everything about me and where I’m from and… You know what? Forget this part I just wrote and imagine the line below is the ending to this poem.

I’m from the 6 word memoir that sums up my past life from 8th grade and backtracking, but now, I’m changing it a little. The new 6 words that define who I am. Peaceful, fun(ny), raging, fast, and vigorous. 

Matilde Verges

I am from the Perl tapatia

From the land of the tacosand from the best memes in the world. 

I am from the big brown towers, the library, twin towers, La barranca.

I am from el nopal, a Mexican plant.

I’m from Los Borrego and las Chivas.

From Alejandra Borrego and Francisco Borrego.

I’m from the party holics and painters.

From where you need to be thankful for everything and always successful.

I’m from Jesus and going to church every Sunday. I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco. 

Where we eat the best quesadillas and papitas del campo.

Sharon Aroesti Goldberg

I am from fettuccine Pomodoro 

From Manischewitz and Yehuda Whole Wheat Matzo

I am from the home aside from La Pasteria and the main hangout spot of my friends

I am an independent, honest, eager person.

I am from fiddle-leaf fig, a very large amazing plant that has huge green leaves.  

I’m from Shabbat and freckles 

From Jane and Moises 

I’m from the avoiding conflict and go on cruises in vacations 

From eating your vegetables and “say hello to your aunt Carol”

I’m from Judaism, which believes that there is a single God who created the universe, and only he controls it. 

I’m from Guadalajara with ancestors from Russia and Poland.

I’m from Challah bread and potato latkes.

From the honesty and humility of my grandfather, the sense of humor of my mom, and the beauty of my grandmother. 

From that photo taken in the hospital when I was born to the photo, we took yesterday on the porch.  From all those memories I mostly don’t remember but will always keep in my heart. 

Alexander Ureña

I am from my flag

From sparkling waterand wool shorts

I am from the chair of my desk bright but dark, boring but fun, the leather is what I feel

I am from avocado, that my grandfather grew

I’m from meeting us when we can and brown hair

From Jesus and Angelica

I’m from the skilled kitchen and funny stuff

From ignore your brother and walk it of

I’m from the biggest one, the one with the cross, 

I’m from Michoacan and Jalisco pozole, and carne asada

From the bullet moving out of the hearts way

The swears from my grandfather

 The blue box on my closet top shelf

 They remind us where we were and how we been

Sabrina Del Toro 

I am from chilaquiles

From choco milk and pan bimbo 

I am from the brick walls, white kitchen floors, big green couches, and the smell of grass and trees 

I am from girasoles being sold on the street, of little_bright yellow flowers 

I’m from dinners with my Abuelos  and  playing charades on Christmas

From watching football games at 5 and  riding on horses at 9

I’m from the ” Los Domingos Vamos al cine” and the asking for popcorn 

From ”Aqui no corras” and ”no grites vas a despertar a papa” 

I’m from god himself , going to church every Sunday , 

I’m from Mexico Lindo  tortas ahogadas, and tacos

From the running of my sister in NYC and falling on her toes and crying 30 minutes straight 

The leaving my hotel room and asking the cleaning lady to let me in another room and staying there the whole day worrying my parents 

Form the picture we take every Christmas  

So I get reminded every day of the beautiful family I have and I so much admire  

Cristobal Padilla

I am from soccer cleats

From Doritosand Sabritas

I am from Mint, green, strong, and little 

I’m from Christmas and education

From  Bernardo  and Florencia

From being educated and being positive

I’m from Catholicism, where we try to be the  best version of ourselves

I’m from Guadalajara and Tacos

From the time my brother fell off a tree and broke his arm 

The time when my dad didn’t know how to speak English fluently in the US,

From happiness and love.   

Pavels Alainis

I am from Latvia

From Borshand sarkana magone.

I am from the Beautiful Northside beach and forests where the grass is greener and the birds are chirping.

I am from The Pines and birches that spread their roots and branches all over.

I’m from new years celebrations and from blue eyes.

From Eugenija  and Oleg

I’m from guitar and pianos.

From the massive rivers and the ports.

I’m from the reasoning of my dad and the beliefs of my grandparents.

I’m from the pelmeni and Blini freshly off the stove.

From the many broken skateboards of Stefan.

The coast of the baltic sea on 12th street where I grew up. 

All of this makes me who I am.

Maria Diaz

I am from tacos de chorizo, lengua y pastor 

From Asados los norteños and los Don Miguelón

I am from the big house with the big truck, 

I am from the noise 

I am from daisies,  with their long white petals and their bright yellow center 

I’m from Christmas eve dinners and Christmas morning hugs 

From Sergio and Mariano and Daniela and Sofia and Diego and mom and dad 

I’m from the pan de muerto and the chocolate de abuelita 

From your beautiful and it’s all right 

I’m from god’s eternal love, and the faith on his glory, 

From the tacos competition with Caro  

The shopping with Daniela

Diego Ayala

I am from  Soccer Cleats

From Doritosand Qin Boxes.

I am from the Cozy, White, Wood floored, incense smell.

I am from Fruit trees

I’m from trading gifts and loudness

From Ale Ayala andRosa Maria Michel

I’m from the Adventurous and Party animals

From “Get out of your comfort zone” and ”Practice makes perfect”

I’m from  Cristianity, Church every sunday.

I’m from Hospital San Javier.

I’m from Costco Christmas cookies and Costco Chocolate Cookies.

From almost not making it to a vacation because of my brother and cousin going on a argentinian night club,

I am from The Kindness, Vallarta Nights, Fragile Christs.

Santiago Rivera

I am from macetas 

From Chilaquilesand Paella 

I am from the casa cafe rectangular, brown , full of wood and windows 

I am from pine trees and jacarandas , green and full of flowers in spring 

I’m from christmas and brown eyes 

From Ernesto and Paulette 

I’m from the going to church in sundays and exercising in week days

From wash your hands and when you grow up 

I’m from the cross, Virgin Mary, 

I’m from Guadalajara, arroz rojo, torta ahogada

From the Francisco Rivera Rojo in the mexican revolution,

 My grandma and grandpa’s punctuality,

 That old garden in Chapala.

Pablo Reyes Retana

I am from Viernes Botaneros watching the “Tibu” from “Polaco Menéndez”.

From FIFAand Playstation days and nights. 

I am from the Chapala Lake activities, Carnes Asadas and jet ski races.

I am from Rufo my dog, and “El colorín”.

I’m from Christmas turkeys and Christmas presents.

From Mama Papa Ima Jaime Chebi y Gaby.

I’m from Family Vacations and Road trips to wherever the car wants to take us.

From Wos  and Trueno during FUT champions weekend league.

I’m from soccer balls and fields. 

I’m from red devils, the yellow wall, and “La irre”

From the Whistler slopes and the Chapala waves. 

The board game nights and backgammon competitions.

And I’ll come from these things forever.

Natalia Ortega

I am from talking to the pictures in the living room.

From tostonesand magdalenas. 

I am from the white walls,

breezy aroma, old pictures, and sculptures in my grandma’s apartment.

I am from pink tulips after dance recitals and football games with my dad.

I’m from rolling on my suitcase through the airport and being too short for rides in Disney. 

From Abi and Tete

I am from my dad’s never-ending stories and my mom’s political jokes. 

From secrets with my siblings and stealing their snacks. 

I’m from Cuban meals at my grandma’s and Mexican meals at my other grandma’s house.

From immigrant stories on my dad’s side and childhood tales from my mom’s. 

I’m from the Caribbean and also from Mexico and its traditions. 

I’m from San Juan, Puerto Rico, platanutres, and menudo. 

From the time my grandparents fled from Cuba to Puerto Rico and from the stories of my mom’s ski trips. 

From San Juan, La Havana, Guadalajara, Matehuala, and infinite nights at Tutto Pizza and Pasta and el Suntory.

Federica Fernandez

I am from mariachis. 

From tacosand chile en nogada. 

I am from the white house and tall wood doors. 

I am from tequila plants, green and big. 

I’m from playing board games every sunday  and being tall.

From Maribel and Juan pablo. 

I’m from the family closeness and always being there for each other. 

From always trying to be positive and knowing you are the only person that’s truly going to want the best for you. 

I’m from jesus chris, catolic since birth. 

I’m from trying to be happy even in bad circumstances 

from living in 3 different cities but on celebrations having turkey , sushi. 

From always getting injured in every single vacation.

The tan skin of my brother and having every Christmas in vallarta.

Doing everything for our family and considering the most important thing.

I am from woods and the forest

From Kit Kats and Oreos

I am from the wide rooms cool, modern, and where you can see a beautiful garden 

I am from a big ficus, that doesn’t needs a trim

I’m from going to the movies and to cook in a grill

From Jorge and Carolina

I’m from the effort and never giving up 

From ”education is very important” and ”always be polite with everybody”

I’m from believing in God , and praying continuously, 

I’m from Jalisco  and a mix of different states, grilled meat, and poke bowl

From the fighting for getting food and don’t having your dad 

The taking care of 3 children without help

Always work hard for what you want because nobody is gonna give it to you for free

I am from a Fishbowl without a fish

From oooaaaand Hola 

I am from the bear house and How was your day, love you, Have fun

I’m from easter bunny stories and praying for the child-god for him to take the Christmas cards

From Jimenez and Jimenez

I’m from the traveling in school days and traveling in summer days

From Felicidades and Wow

I’m from Country 200, Sugar, Milk

From the dancing family 

The Jimenez Family in the Huasteca Potosina,our last trip together because my parents got divorced.

I am from Dora

From cecco and del valle

I am from the big terrace in a small apartment, a warm, and organized place. 

I am from the incense smell all over the house.

I am from the lemon trees that are small but abundant. 

I’m from the celebrity cruises and pale skinfrom flaca and papayo 

I’m from the strong-minded traveling the world before getting married

From you need to eat and stand up straight

I’m from the surgeries one each year since I was 10 

I’m from hospital san Jose, bolognese sauce, and lentejas. 

From the I didn’t have enough food to eat growing up 

The giving up on the love of my life because of my daughters, and from the wooden games outside my home

I am from La Bella

From Lasagnaand ketchup 

I am from the tree with a face, loud birds, blue sky, freezing floor

I am from the chia seed that I planted and later was eaten by the ants 

I’m from the 25th of December and the canelones

From Mom and Dad

I’m from the Friday lunch and Punta Mita trips

From “You will always be my baby”

I’m from Jesus, every Sunday going to church 

I’m from Spain and crema Catalana, fabada

From the time my great-grandparent had to leave Spain because it was in a war

The sacrifice my grandpa made of not going to school and working for his family

Trips to San Antonio

Every picture, every item, makes us remember them even if we did not get to know them

I am from Meli 

From the city and beach 

I am from the happy white place 

I am from Chester, huge, pretty, fearless 

I’m from Christmas dinners and New Year’s celebrations 

From Regina, loyal 

I’m from the place where we talk really loud and happy 

From Lusquis  

I’m from the place I used to get bored as a kid, church every Sunday

I’m from Guadalajara Jalisco

From the Liz, stubborn

I’m from Oscar, from being a not good student, taught me that I should be a good one.  

Daniela Aguirre

I am from karate trophies

From Berska and Calvin Kleine

I am from the frame pictures, beautiful, attractive, sweet juice strawberries

I am from the ocean, from getting salt and sand in my hair to ending up in the shore

I’m from having a winter night and perfect eyes

From Francisco And Maria del Pilar

I’m from the volunteering and skiing

From “You are such a warrior for never giving up” and “I love you”

I’m from believing in god, but not believing in something else,

I’m from the place of the chilangos, the memelas , and tacos villamelon campechanos 

From singing with my dad when I was little every day when he drove to kinder for almost 2 years 

The graduation of my sister from the american moving to college in Mexico city 

Capturing the moments in Mammoth, Disney, and Peru 

Spending quality time all together capturing every moment for having a memory after it.

Jose Pablo Basich

I am from Guadalajara, Mexico

From bikeand kite 

I am from the city, a small home, lots of toys, lots of dirt bikes

I am from the trees, from tapalpa

I’m from mtb rides and tapalpa

My dad Juan Pablo and Ximena my sister. I’m from the mountains riding dirt bikes and from the wind for kiteboarding,

 they told me I can reach my goal, and I will be a good person in sports. 

I’m from religion, catholic, my last name is from ucrania, we love to eat meat, tomahawk.

When my dad gave me a dirt bike my mom didn’t want it so I started taking classes when I was 7 years old, My dad loves running, our value is on the box under the bed, they are the most important because when they are gone that’s what you have from them.

Carlos Valencia

I am from a family of water sports 

From a family that won’t stop until they get what they wantand even if it’s not a good away 

I am from the last name of pressistent coming home with smell of chocolate hearing laughs and competitive discussions

I am from the view of my dogs all the mornings in my garden 

I’m from having very religious grandparents and me not going that much to church

From Carlos my grandfather and Carlos my dad 

I’m from the family thats loves chocolate more than themselves and loves sports

From being told as a child to always work hard and not stress about stuff that have solutions

I’m from a catolic family, that takes christmas very seriously I’m from Guadalajara where the tacos of lengua are the go to, with coca 

From the fishing adventures and disasters we had 

The hunting trips and memories we made 

going to tamaulipas duck hunting or deer 

Family is the only thing no matter what would be with you

I am from Día de Muertos

From Clamatoand papas 

I am from the family that is always being active, athletic, smart, quiet

I am from agave, green and bluish color that at the bottom it looks it has pineapple and there are thousands of them around us

I’m from Christmas  and respectfulness

From Jero and María

I’m from the traveling family and activity family

From belief in yourself and you are going to accomplish anything and live life and enjoy

I’m from Catholic, I believe in god,

I’m from México Italian food tacos

The traveling family and Cozumel

I am from woodhands.

From yeti and takis 

I am from the Plants and fluffy blankets, gorgeous, cozy, warm.

I am from Chamaedorea, a huge plant .

I’m from christmas, and blonde.

From Linda and Piero.

I’m from the trips eating without shoes.

From hard work only gets you tired and you don’t know what you don’t know. 

I’m from Heaven and Jesus House, and clouds.

I’m from Italy and ice cream, pasta.

From the brother that crashed the golf cart

The Hairy dad.

The time we went to Bora bora, Important hand made out of wood that we put the keys in.

I am from broken windows

From oreosand frijoles isadora

I am from the gray walls and pink ceilings, golden, deep, warm

I am from orchids, the most precious item in the house

I’m from eating with shoes and screaming a lot

From Nena and Nana

I’m from the messy hair and curly hair 

From mermaids and mops

I’m from sundays breakfast, and eating conchas , 

I’m from a lonely room, ice cream mochis, beans

From the pancho villas casino

The golf course and zip lines in waterfalls

crashing in the glass

I am from playing Fifa with my cousins

From watching scary movies and  eating unhealthy snacks

I am from the big U couch on the terrace, watching movies on the big TV, playing video games, watching youtube 

I am from grabbing peaches from the neighbours trees and eating them, even though his tree actually ends in our house

I’m from eating all wednesdays at my grandparents house, and making fun of my aunt  and listen to all my relatives make fun of each other 

I’m From Beto always eating and Oscar always playing video games

I’m from the arranged family seats at the table and always going out and celebrate when it’s someone’s birthday

From el ratón de los dientes and los reyes magos

I’m from going to church on saturdays and seeing my grandparents on the same seats

I’m from Guadalajara, but I come from Spain ancestors 

I’m from, ordering Uber eats and eating sushi, or a double hamburger from Gaspar

From the time my brother wanted to eat a whole Milanesa alone, whilst we all wanted small empanadas 

From The time my uncle snorkeled without goggles and thought it looked kinda weird  

From all our trips to ski, to Disney, to all our cruises, or even our trips to Chapala and Vallarta 

This is what my family means to me, this is what I think about when I say Family

I am from the city of eternal spring,

From the black strong coffee that is taken every morning and the sancocho in the weekends,

I am from the albums full of stories in grandma’s house, 

from the colorful flower day, and the great carnival of Barranquilla,

I am from the graffiti tour in commune 13

I’m from the año viejo and wearing yellow underwear in Christmas

Fromlight eyes and black hair 

From the love of pacholo and mami,

From “ As long as you continue living in this house the rules are set by me” and ¡Medellín es una chimba!

I’m from the love of God and going all Sundays to the church in family,

I’m from the land where farmers collect coffee every morning

where the bestbandeja paisa is made, 

and where my favorite food at school is ajiaco with chicken

I am from a humble family, from when pacholo used to ride a horse to school,

and did not have the best resources for his studies but still, he got on.

I admire the greenery of your mountains and the mantle that covers them with the mist,

I love my country, I love my nation, 

I’m from Medallo, it’s not Pablo Escobar there’s a better story to tell, 

it is where I come from and I carry it always within my heart.

I am from PS4. 

From Laysand Cola. 

I am from the yellow house with 4 rooms beautiful,  and big, just like I like it. 

I am from roses, as red as blood. 

I’m from Christmas with the whole familyand my brown eyes. 

From Olga and Anatoliy 

I’m from the thinking before acting and judging by the actions.

From studying a lot and being myself 

I’m from an interesting country where you can find a lot of food.

From my great-grandfather who was brave and generous.

The honesty that everyone in my family bears.

Lviv my favorite place

That will keep those things that are important to me and my family, things that unite me and my family. 

I am from kebbe and manoush 

From galletas Mariasand agua de jamaica

I am from my childhood home 

bright, comfortable and green plants outside of every window

I am from my grandmother’s garden full of fruits and flowers, 

sweet and colorful 

I’m from cracking eggs in Pascua and playing  charades on christmas

From Antonio and Nancy 

I’m from baking and cooking old family recipes

From being a perfectionist and a drama queen

I’m from praying to God every night 

I’m from México and Lebanon, tacos and shawarma

From migrating to the Americas because it was not easy to make it in the Middle East 

The non stop work days and learning to manage life in a different continentto make leaving your family and home worth it

It’s the constant reminder that hard work pays off and it can never go unappreciated

I am from donuts and cookies

From Starbucks and mc Donalds 

I am from the baby pictures on the wall, all colorful and pink, also dusty and old

I am from the snow in Switzerland 

I’m from playing Caras y Gestos with my cousins  and being morena like my grandpa

From my great-grandma Doña Mariquita and my 1-month-year-old niece Chloe

I’m from having family 3-hour discussions to share your opinion and letting all 52 people in our family do things their way.

From hearing all the time  “ She got this so I want that”  and “ Yo ya vivi eso mijita” 

I’m from eating the churros outside of the church and, suddenly stop fighting with my brothers when we arrive at church

I’m fromGuadalajara, Arandas, and Ciudad de México, from enfrijoladas and sopes every night and, taquiza on sundays

From having a swiss nationality but not by blood

The fight between siblings every night but being okay the next morning

From traveling around the world as children and forgetting because we were too young.

 So many things that could make me smile when I see them because of all the memories. I am glad I got to live my childhood the way I did. I am sure I will make many more memories and more things or people will be important in my life.

I am from camera

From chocolate cookiesand lasaña

I am from the flowers, plants and sofas

Aesthetic, cozy and calm

I am from the ocean

Bathing suits, waves, tanning, sand and sunny days

I’m from playing tennis on sundays  and soul of the party

From Andrea Gonzalez Jaime Lopez

I’m from the bad habit of biting nail and big noses

From if you don’t sleep early santa won’t bring you presents and karma hits hard

I’m from sunday church, looking out to Jesus,

I’m from Guadalajara Jalisco and Spain, carrot soup, y pasta

From the being born on a special date

The dad working since he was young to hep his family

Veneros, San diego, Grecia, and Pias apartment

The garden. 

I am from a Grand Piano

From colonies mini lemon pay and ham and cheese luncheon

I am from Lotus Flower the water

I’m from Christmas patient 

From Roberto and Gina

I’m from the traveling and staying alone

From being positive and staying strong 

I’m from no religion,  

I’m from Guadalajara, Everything my mom cooks, 

From my  grandmother parent that was a general in a war 

From The Italian family

From Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brasil, Italy

I am from skis.

From Minecraft and Valorant.

I am from wooden houses, with burning fires, and snow ,The feeling of toasty from head to toe.

I am from maple trees, and the sap that drips from them. 

I’m from Friday challah  and replacing  trees for candles.

I’m from sitting around the tv playing Tetris to Monopoly in the middle of the forest. 

I’m from a star around my neck , and a cap on my head.

I’m from every nook and cranny of the world. 

From  shawarma , to shakshouka.

From prisoners of war,  and running away from home.

From snow, to desert. From villages in the mountains, to ones hidden behind dunes.  

I am from Christmas disco ball 

From see’s candy and chocolate raisins 

I am from loud discussions, high expectations, helpful advice, Bosco’s smell 

I am from the sound of waves, 

I am from the waves and how they ruin you to sleep 

I’m from hiding money in piñatas  and playing cards 

I’m from Cecy and Manolo

From my grandparents and their love story

I’m from getting late to school and never-ending talk about how to behave in front of people 

From working hard for what you wanted and knowing that money doesn’t mean happiness 

I’m from God, and praying, 

I’m from spring break vacation, burritos , and molletes for breakfast

From the supermarket on Sunday nights 

The silly jokes my grandpa says to entertain us, 

From Mondays at my grandparent’s house and

Long talks with my dad

I am from the painting on living room 

From book and movies  

I am from the little garden beside my house, green, beautiful, and the smell of wet dirt I am from the little orange tree,  that never gave full size oranges 

I’m from going to eat to my grandparents house on Saturday and freckles 

From Vanessa and Beto

 I’m from the waking up really late and staying up until 1 am 

From “You can’t eat candy everyday”  and “Stop bothering your brother.” 

I’m from going to the temple on Friday and seeing my cousins

I’m from Greece, mac and cheese and avocado

From the leaving Russia at 14 years old alone, 

The losing your kids in the middle of New York City the wall in the living room with 20 pictures  

The memories stored in our mind that you replay when you are missing home

I am from music sports friends and family

From sports with friendsand  music with family

I am from the lake house Samao where it’s fun and awesome

I am from the snowy mountain were it’s beautiful and fun with snowboarding

I’m from mornings breakfast with vitamin c and coffee  and 

From my biological family and my adoptive family

From no more video games and don’t go to bed late

I’m from guadalajara tortas ahogadas each sunday morning

From the hospital each month with no teeth and broken bones

The extreme sports fault

Am from having fun and do new things

I am from Icon  

From haagen daz and chips fuego 

I am from dancing on the beach at night with my friends, while listening to Sobredosis,  getting our feet full of sand, and our hair in our faces

I’m from going to church every Sunday  and celebrating Christmas 

From staying up all new years eve  and taking care of mi little cousins 

I’m from the mexican side of the family and having  tacos on a friday night 

From staying up all night with my friends while listening to music and watching the moon slowly go away 

I’m from february 2005 

I’m from  being my parents favorite and being the smallest in my family 

From missing my summer and our normal lives before Covid

The missing having pastel de naranja from mariana gallo, hot nuts and haagen daz ice cream for midnight snack 

From having to hold my laugh at 4 am so I dont wake up my friends’ parents. 

Regina Carcoba

I am from stuffed animals, 

From Little Women and Beauty and the Beast,

I am from the playing Catan and going to the ranch,  

From Guillermo and Joaquin,

I am from colgando en tus manos and color esperanza, 

From adventure and traveling, 

I’m from christmas nights with my big family and dark hair,

From Nora and Luis,

I’m from the strong mother and strong grandma,

From I love you and the lazy one works double,

I’m from catholicism and mass on Sundays,

I’m from Guadalajara, eating chorizo and tacos

From the united family ,Tapalpa, and “la casa vieja”.

I am from a marble sculpture

From tennis racket and Nike clothes 

I am from the fishpond, the warm welcome, happy, bright place

I am from the jacaranda tree, small  but growing

I’m from adventures in La Paz and tall people 

From Erika and Jorge 

I’m from the hard work and practicing sports

From its better to be alone than in bad company and be the best version of yourself 

I’m from going to church every Sunday, praying before going to sleep, 

I’m from Guadalajara, Jalisco, the homemade tortillas, the delicious guacamole

From the habit of playing tennis since before I was born

The big smile, and the photo albums 

From where you keep your memories and family

Pia Boschetti

I am from the bright beautiful moon and the shining stars. 

From the breeze in the beach and the feeling of water between your feet. 

I am from the group of poinsettias that come every year with the Christmas spirit.

I’m from listening to my grandfather sing while we sleep and cooking panque with my dad. 

From Cecilia and Jose Luis.

I’m from visiting my family once or twice a year. 

From “your attitude is everything” and “you can do it”

I’m from Italy and Uruguay, from pasta and ice cream.

From having hard times but moving forward and working for the best. 

From the happiness and support each of us has. 

Juan Pedro

I am from milk cartons

From Nutellaand pan Bimbo

I am from the hot weather, unpredictable sometimes, but mostly hot

I am from the agave plants on the side of the road, the firm and turquoise leaves

I’m from late night Rummy and family dinner

From taking naps after each meal and taking showers late night

From “Si las cosas que valen la pena fueran fáciles, cualquiera las haría” and “Nadie te lo va regalar si tu no haces nada”

I’m from almost sleeping during mass, having headaches when in crowds

I’m from caldo de pollo, tamales verdes

From the awkward and boring family videos

The family pictures of every family member about 10 years ago

 The wall filled with old pictures and artworks

 Those priceless memories hanging from the wall

Nicole Martinez

I am from almond hot milk 

From peanut butter and jelly 

I am from the the city of Charlotte, small neighborhood, thankful family 

I am from, pumpkin spice scents the pie my grandma makes

I’m from thanksgiving nights and summer lights 

From hippie and fanny the ones I call family 

I’m from the moon we watch every sunday and  the stars we call the ones who passed away 

From A Head full of dreams to Viva la vida

I’m from singing along to church on sundays 

I’m from staying up all night to talk with Gil 

From laying in bed drinking chamomile tea on sick days 

The playing the piano like he did for me 

 For jumping on Fran’s bed and breaking it 

 And for all the memories that remain.

I am from creepy paintings 

From hot summers and cold winters 

I am from the beautiful fields and meadows and a home that fits all. Happy, bees dancing around, 

The garden.

I am from the linden trees, that grow in the forest

Their green leaves moving in the wind.

I’m from sitting by the fireplace when it gets cold and worrying about the bees and their hives. 

From Barbara Urban and Jan Adamski 

I’m from the arguing and making up right away

From “Let me teach you about this flower” and “hurry up we are late to church” 

I’m from going to church two times a week

And standing outside because it was too hot to be inside.

I’m from Pierogi and Placki

From The time a huge storm came and knocked over half of the hives. 

The teachings of my grandma

The big lake that I go to every summer. 

The scary Parrot that stares at me every day when I’m trying to sleep. 

Valeria Ortiz

I am from the little animal statues. 

From Jumexand mini ovens

I am from the apartment that fits 5 people and a dog,small, full, being able to hear our neighbors’ conversations

I am from dandelions, to blow and make wishes.

I’m from joke Christmas exchanges and confusing children’s names. 

From Santi and Nat.

I’m from the constant procrastination and sleeping very late at night

From juegos de manos son de villanos  and todo va a estar bien 

I’m from Catholicism, rarely going to church even if we’re supposed to,

I’m from Mexico, pork stew, and picadillo.

From the time my baby sister got out of a restaurant so that she could grab flowers for my mom.

The time my grandma painted those animals for my brother

 My cousin’s wedding in Los Cabos

 Simple things like the lemon squeezer that brings so many memories of people in our lives that are no longer with us.

I am from a comal

From a basket of breadand old music in car rides 

I am from the red house in the neighborhood and the smell from the homemade red sauce for Sunday chilaquiles.

I am from orquideas, 

That fills the home with a vibrant purple color.

I’m from family reunions that finish off with some loud karaoke and loud shouting from my family when our soccer team has won.

From Lucy and Miguel Angel

I’m from the spontaneous trip to any part in the world and that creamy homemade cheesecake yogurt pie.

From “ Ijoles si lo encuentro yo que te hago?”

I’m from praying every night, and going to see Jesus every Sunday,

I’m from that small town with the best bread you will ever find and pozole for welcoming.

From the 14 aunts and uncles, just from my mother’s family, and the never-ending stories of the 9 years my parents were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Luca Gomez

I am from equipales,

From agaves  and beans,

I am from the cold house in the middle of the warm day, 

Within the walls of concrete and the minimalism concepts, and the sound of cold.

I am from trees of ceiba, with big trunks and small spines, and the green color of grass,

I’m from Christmas in Tapalpa and always finding a way to go biking on the trips.

From Sebastian and Marifer

I’m from the excitement of a day before we go on a trip,

And the extra bag where I have my surfboard or my bike.

From less is more and “there is nothing more than this”

I’m from Sundays means biking day, to go for a torta ahogada after we are done

I’m from the land of jal,

Strong coffee with papaya in the morning,

A good steak with his guacamole,

From the late nights in the hospital, cause someone had an accident doing a sport,

The appreciation of the architecture of buildings in cities,

Looking at the stars, seeing the simplicity, and the complexity of life while sitting on the couch.

Remembering the late-night fights in my bedroom. 

The little details of life

 In the house, the coins holder that is never going to be filled, a black chair where you sit to realize the

The beauty of life.


I am from humor land .

From sarcasm and dark humor.

I am from shorty land, fun unique and sarcastic land.

I am from the sky.

From the sunsets, the moon and the stars. 

I’m from Christmasand my grandma’s house. 

From ana sofia and Rus. 

I’m from the biggest family and the craziest one.

From the tooth fairy and el coco. 

I’m from catholic but not from the church. 

I’m from Guadaljara.

I’m from tacos al pastor at 3am on a friday night. 

From the “biggest family”, where they are aunts and nephews of the same age. 

The successful uncles that have made Mexico a better place. 

 I am from Cancun and from Disney. 

Charlie Tovar 

I am from Suns Jar 

From stories and Books

I am from the Sunny colourful lands, yellow, green, freeways,

I am from Sunflowers, a yellow powerful being providing us life.

I’m from Movies and exercise 

From Gloria and Vanessa

I’m from the Disney life and series life 

From “I love you my baby” and “You’re the best thing in the world” 

I’m from church, being a Catholic ,  

I’m from San Diego and Lebanon, From nachos, spaghetti

From the going to disney and getting lost for 2 hours without knowing anything. 

The Mansion we visited one day turned out to be a bad place.

San Diego where memories are created.

Items are a big deal especially old ones, never break them. 

Emiliano Sanchezcarrillo

I am from Adrenaline and adventure 

from motocrossand mountain bikes

I am from the woods fine-grained, and tough terrain, 

smelling all the fresh oak when cruising through the woods. 

I’m from eating every Wednesday with my family and enjoying every moment I am with them.

From Egberto and Jacqueline, 

I’m from the crazy imagination  and caring for others 

From being a great athlete and future great lawyer

I’m Tapatio and I feel really grateful to be this way 

I love all the gastronomy that Mexico has for us, 

but mostly the carnita asada on the weekends.

Valeria Villarreal 

I am from the sea from the moon and the stars 

I am from the traffic, alive, exciting, sour

I am from God, my dad 

I’m from Christmas and road trips 

From Mateo and Juanpi 

I’m from our freckles and bad digestion 

From “ te amo” and “nos vamos a vallarta” 

I’m from my mom’s laugh, her smile, 

I’m from guanatos, carnes asadas, Villaram 

From loud music,

From my dad’s energy 

La granjita, santamaria. 

Tania González

I am from tacos,

From Oreo and Milky Way

I am from the city filled with sun, heavy rains that flood the city and beautiful corners and restaurants

gorgeous, spicy, the sound of birds chirping in the morning fill the air

I am from palm trees, so tall they they could touch the sky and their giant green leaves all around them

I’m from traveling around the world all together and tall family members

From Tirzo and Chantal

I’m from the looking for new restaurants and coffee shops every week and hearing Viva la Vida

From work hard and achieving things you never thought possibleandmeet new people because you should enjoy every moment of your life

I’m from Catholicism, believing in God and going to church,

I’m from the state of the creation Tequila, Jalisco and different places from Mexico

of delicious nutella and butter toasts and chips with spicy sauces

From the best trip singing songs to random people so loud on the Italian streets

The French and Czech friends with the google translate and Chinese school

The sewer and flowers story of when they met

Reminds me of who I am and who I want to be, as well as the importance of family and their love.

Penelope Pena 

I am from share land 

From family and friends 

I am from the short bed in this small land

I am from the moon to the sun

I’m from dia de muertos and creative land 

From Camila and Flor 

I’m from the europe trips and turkey fests 

From “La practica hace al maestro”and “La ocasión hace al ladrón”

I’m from christianity and church prayers

I’m from guadalajara, jalisco tacos and gourmet menus 

From the christmas and thanksgiving mix 

The thursday family diners 

Morocco and London trips

Benjamin Gutierrez

I am from a Deckchair

I am from the West coast of the USA

I am from the sand 

Soft and Bright

From Carolina and Benjamin

From Skiing fast can be dangerous

and The monsters are going to eat you

I’m from Mexico,

Mountain skiing is the best thing we do as a family for me

I am from woods and the forest

From Kit Katsand Oreos

I am from the wide rooms cool, modern, and where you can see a beautiful garden

I am from a big ficus, that doesn’t need a trim

I’m from going to the movies and to cook in a grill

From Jorge and Carolina

I’m from the effort and never giving up

From”education is very important” and ”always be polite with everybody”

I’m from believing in God , and praying continuously , 

I’m from Jalisco and a mix of different states, grilled meat, and poke bowl

From the fighting for getting food and don’t having your dad  

Taking care of 3 children without help. 

Always work hard for what you want

because nobody is gonna give it to you free 


I am from the land of big foot.

From videogames and sports 

I am from the beach house. From the beautiful view and humid and hot environment. From that comfortable hammock 

I am from the palm with fresh coconuts. With its giant green leaves, skinny trunk, and tall length.

I’m from the vacations in the beach, and the Friday restaurant.

From “Si lo quieres puedes trabajar” and the “levántate que vas tarde”

I’m from Guadalajara and the delicious tamales and gorditas.

The house in the beach and the ranch.

From the fin de semanas with the family.

And the united family

And my dog called viernes

And even my cozy room.

I am from the soaps.

From kleenex and Xbox.  

I am from the enclosed space where a lot goes on.

Smelling like tired and good, with the good odor of orange

I am from the pines.

Always spiky and making you feel better about the smell.

I’m from the nice and gifter  and always staying together.

From Swartz and Ramirez.

I’m from the culture of giving others what they don’t have and being overly religious.

From you can’t do this and well, I believe in you.

I’m from nothing but everyone seems to be from jesus.
A person I believe existed but didn’t believe in.

I’m from Sweden, Mexico, Ireland, and many other countries.

Orange cake, and arrachera.

From the time when the revolution came and took all our money, and we recovered it back. 

From when you were a country’s leader.

The adventures of moving here moving from Ireland having land on New York before the Empire State Building was something. 

Cocula seems like always home.

An old hacienda with many stories.

I am from broken windows

From oreosand frijoles isadora

I am from the gray walls and pink ceilings, golden, deep, warm

I am from orchids, the most precious item in the house

I’m from eating with shoes and screaming a lot

From Nena and Nana

I’m from the messy hair and curly hair 

From mermaids and mops

I’m from sundays breakfast, and eating conchas , 

I’m from a lonely room,icecream mochis , beans

From the pancho villas casino

The golf course and zip lines in waterfalls

crashing in the glass

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