Four New Poems from All Over the World

Where I’m From

Written By: Eleanor Morris

I am from the mountainous blue,

Where trees scatter, and fog looms. 

I am from the meandering pavement,

And the constant humid, summer scent. 

I am from distant neighbors with joyful grins, 

That conceals the commotion that lies within. 

I am from teenage sweethearts, 

Who found that forgiveness is earned, not given. 

I am from the distant sound of sirens, 

And pondering when the disturbance will begin to lighten.

I am from brush strokes and paint splatters, 

Where creativity flourished and that was all that mattered.  

I am from fires crackling through the night, 

And gooey marshmallows burnt just right. 

I am from blank pages and bookshelves, 

The place where my hopes and dreams always seemed to dwell.  

Where I am From

Nour Hamadeh 

I am from the good memories 

From the bad memories 

From random pictures 

From old notes  

From experiences 

From traveling overseas 

From learning a new language 

From moments that take my breath away 

I am from the old city of Jasmine 

From Damascus, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world 

From traditional arts, classical music, folk dance, and poetry 

From delicious Syrian food such as Kibbeh, Yabraq, and Shawarma 

From big family gatherings and endless laughs 

From open houses and welcoming everyone  

From mosques and churches 

From respect, trust, and warmth 

I am from old family tendencies 

From obeying parents and respecting elders   

From connecting with extended family 

From valuing, accepting, and honoring people  

From a strong support system 

From sensitivity, sincerity, and survival 

I am from my family  

From a distant father 

From a brave mother, a caring sister, and a cheerful brother 

From an adorable young nephew  

From a loving husband who works hard for us  

From old friends who took different paths 

From an aunt who survived cancer 

From grandparents who left and never came back 

I am from never-ending dreams 

From life goals 

From becoming a teacher  

From spreading peace 

From building my dream house  

From becoming a better version of myself 

I am from the past, the present and the future 

From loving unconditionally  

From destiny 

From courage  

From faith  

From life 

I am From

Maria Sobhie

I am from Lebanon

I am from the land of cultures and traditions

I am from the red white and cedar trees

The beautiful Mediterranean

I am from the media stereotyped “terrorism”

I am from the land of poverty and economic crisis

I am from 5,887 miles

I am from Allah

the creator of such a world

I am from faith and growth

I am from Christianity and respect for everyone’s beliefs

I am from The prayers and blessings

The belief of god

I am from the latest addition to the family

I am from the fear of disappointing ones close to me

The crying when feeling helpless

I am from the most loving and caring family

From my parent’s sacrifice for my education and safety

I am from 5,887 miles

I am from the branches of patience

The fact of having to go through the hardest times to find your easiest and most content life

I am from the dreams of a big family

The goals of being successful

I am who I dreamt to be

I am from my accomplishments

Ronni Johnson

I Am From

I am from the middle of nowhere

From a land of please and thank yous

            A land of stay a whiles

            And have a bite

I am from a family and a community

They are one and the same

I’m from summers full of cattle

Of hay and tobacco

I’m from the sounds of “come on girls”

As the daylight fades away

I’m from the delicacy of chocolate gravy

From fried chicken and taters

            The smell of bacon on Christmas

            Eggs popping in the pan on Sunday

I’m from rooster crows and truck exhausts

I’m from my daddy’s hands covered in grease

I’m from Momma’s holding me tight

From my granny’s callused fingers

And my Papa’s dragging feet

I’m from old military stories across generations

Of the store building, of the far east

            Stories of cousins and grandmas

            Of people I will never meet

I’m from the troubles when we couldn’t eat

I’m from the times when we found enough

I’m from hardship and hope

And education being the way out

I am from Railton and Rocky Hill

From a land of there goes wildcat

            Be safe at school

            Make us proud

            Watch those trees

            And Learn you something

I’m from people I will never see again

People that will always love me

I am from the Sturdivants and the Johnsons

The Woods and the Stinsons

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