Poems from Atlanta: Caroline Henry’s Lark Languages ESL students got our summer off to a beautiful start!

Where I’m From

Svetlana Shcherbik

I am from floor to ceiling bookshelves

tightly packed with books and encyclopedias

my books are at the bottom,

 but the most interesting are, of course, up high

I am from the quiet family nights

filled with rustle of newspapers and book pages

From watching hockey games and figure skating on TV

I am from big white birch tree behind the window,

branches touch the window while I do my homework

I am from wooden toys and glass stars on a Xmas tree

I am from summer garden with current and raspberry bushes

and from hot strong black tea with jam and honey

I am from dense forest with high pines and cedars  

And lingenberries and mushrooms under the feet

I am from my grandma Frosya and her small white clay house

I am from my grandma Zenya’s village and the smell of a fresh hay

I am from the war my grands and my parents lived through and survived

I am from the folk dance and loud singing around the table

To celebrate the life and enjoy it to its fulness.

Where I’m From

Karen Hong

I am from a big city with skyscrapers, highways, and streams of heavy traffic

from a panda home and spicy cruise

I am from the big city with a fast-paced environment and city noise

I am from the big city with abundant white peach trees

whose flowers and fruits decorate and feed us

I am from a notebook and pike pen, precious gifts from my grands and parents

I am from traditional sports and family games and from subdivision storytellers. 

I am from the place where TAO spiritual beliefs rose about 2500 years ago with compassion,

kindness, love, simplicity, frugality, and humility

I am from both traditions my mother’s and my father’s families

from the traditional dumpling and steam Bao Bun that we eat

from a Chinses New Year festival

and from the celebration of life’s prosperity with a “Red Envelope” and firework

I am from those moments of living in the big city and my culture traditions.   

Where I’m From

Yuna Kim

I am from an attic and a pump

From a television with four legs and 12 color crayons

I am from a little house with a roof top where laundry dries in a sunlight

And a blue colored gate with hinged doors

I am from yellow forsythia and dandelion with white puffs

Whose greeting and whispering make me happy

I am from good health and honesty

From Kim and Ha

I am from a blue-collar worker and Confucianism

From “Stay low, and say humbly”

From “Men have to take responsibility for family”

I am from “Today is always better than yesterday”

I am from a bear wanted to be human and a big egg laid by a woman

From steamed rice and Kimchi

From Hangeul created by King Sejong

And from Democracy achieved through civil movements

I am from a spoonful of warm rice soup by my grandma

From cold water pours from the pump,

From a cloudy incandescent bulb in the attic,

From the laundry dries in the sunlight,

And from the dandelion puffs blown away.

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