Here is a fine way to spend the end of summer days: a poem from Alicia Bryant, North Carolina A&T, who has sent in a beautiful August entry.

I Am From

By: Alicia Bryant

I am from backyard laughter

From catching fireflies at dusk

And dancing to 60’s music at midnight

I am from chasing siblings that hide 

And giggling while hiding from seeking siblings.

I am from collard greens that smell of trash

And from potato salad and coleslaw that taste of mayo

I am from avoiding a hot oven

From peeking under pots 

And chidings of touching unfinished food.

I am from the coast

From blistering heat and high humidity

I am from sandy beaches

And from harrowing hurricanes

Of thunderstorms that scared the oldest of us.

I am from staying in or out of the house

But not being in and out

I am from touchless and sightless trips to the store

And from being brought into this world

Yet always reminded I could be taken out of it too.

I am from Elizabeth and Darryl

From a mother who has never left my side

And a father who forgot every birthday after the fifth

I am from Will and Mary

Whose greatness didn’t come from their titles but their souls.

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