Two new poems:

Nadav Sharkey and Eskil Williams Oerberg have sent in some September celebration poems…a way to venture into a new school year. Fine writing…!

I am from; Nadav Sharky 

I am from a new small city that hardly snows 

I’m from the springy grass spots on our rooftop 

From the sounds of birds chirping 

From the sound of the wind swinging by my window 

I’m from the old “hunted house” on the hills above my neighbour’s house 

I’m from the games me and my friends used to play

From the old running man, we used to laugh at

I’m from the hoodies I love to wear

From the perfect four slices of pizza, we split every Friday From the buildings that fell apart as we grew up 

From the good days and the bad days
I’m from a lot of things but, my family means the world to me 

I am from

by Eskil Williams Oerberg

I am from the apartment in the middle of the street 

With the never-ending noise always offbeat

From drawing on the wall

and throwing with legos

From practicing math 

and reading science

From crying in my bed, that was not just pretend

When I thought the world was coming to an end

From reading in the depth of night

and “watching the blood moon tonight”

I am from the family Christmas

With the never-ending food that wasn’t nutritious

From the finishing my plate 

With my mother’s carrot cake

From my dad’s lasagna

and the miracles shakes

From getting teased for looking like a girl

To being called a nerd

From flipping a bottle with many retakes

To  from playing soccer in breaks 

I am from playing chess with high stakes

and from being scared of snakes

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