Carrie Wright and Eskil Williams Oerberg have sent in some powerful, honest poems to keep fall rolling along.

I Am From  

by Carrie A. Wright 

I am from a kaleidoscope of childhood experiences,  

            From rural communities to ocean shores, 

I am from a tornado of teen trials,  

            Misguided and lost and alone. 

I am from a myriad of choices, good and bad, 

            Opening my eyes and enriching my soul.   

I am from a strong desire searching for change, 

            Overcoming fear to take a jump in another direction. 

I am from a world of isolation to conquering,  

            Determined to work my way out of my cocoon of protection to survive. 

I am from a change to positive pathways, 

            Guiding future generations to bloom into beautiful colors. 

I am from a world of butterflies now born from my cocoon, 

            With their eyes wide open, souls enriched, and wings spread wide.  

I am from this metamorphosis of change, 

            Still discovering, enhancing, and expanding my wings. 


Carrie Wright

Future ESL Teacher

UNCW Alumni

I am from

by Eskil Williams Oerberg

I am from the apartment in the middle of the street 

With the never-ending noise always offbeat

From drawing on the wall

and throwing with legos

From practicing math 

and reading science

From crying in my bed, that was not just pretend

When I thought the world was coming to an end

From reading in the depth of night

and “watching the blood moon tonight”

I am from the family Christmas

With the never-ending food that wasn’t nutritious

From the finishing my plate 

With my mother’s carrot cake

From my dad’s lasagna

and the miracles shakes

From getting teased for looking like a girl

To being called a nerd

From flipping a bottle with many retakes

To  from playing soccer in breaks 

I am from playing chess with high stakes

and from being scared of snakes

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