September has brought in a remarkable group of new poets..Thank you to Reese, Daniel, Ayaan and Charles for such varied and imagistic poems..

Where I’m From

Charles Henry

By Ayaan Kohli

I am from a city with pollution and death and birds and trees

From a green garden and spicy food

I am from salmon poke bowl and sushi

I am from my mom’s food and ordering in

I am from mangoes and chillies 

I am from family games and video games

I am from theaters and apple T.V

I am from basketball and soccer

I am from hiking and swimming 

I am from chasing my cat and letting him go

I am from oak trees and leopards

I am from stitches and dislocation

I am from a happy and sad place 

I am from…

Daniel O”Shea

I am from the Xbox setup in my basement

from dog treats and tv clickers

I am from the big yellow house on the end of the road that always has the smell of fresh food

I am from the garden that is cherished by my mom

The treehouse that failed

whose long gone limbs I remember

as if they were my own.

I’m from the big Irish family and night owl partiers 

from my kind older sister and my wise older brother

I’m from using too much ketchup and burning the food

and from sitting by the warm campfire at night.

I’m from being a smart kid and a comedian

And working hard to play hard

I’m from the Yankee swap during Christmas

I’m from Natick Massachusetts and have Irish roots

potatoes and more potatoes

From my brother losing his wallet all of the time

My sister wanting to be a teacher

Our campsite in New Hampshire that will most likely be passed down

Where I’m From

By Reese Peterken

I am from the ocean’s relentless, unpredictable waves

And the towering peaks in the city of Asheville

From the narrow, carpeted stairs of Grandpa Jim’s basement

And the cracked concrete driveway of my own home

I am from the soft, fading glow of the street lamppost

And backyard birthday parties abundant with laughter 

From the bubblegum pink eye patch following strabismus surgery

And the world of fire and ice on a neighboring planet

I am from launching to space on the boundless trampoline

And from the bitterly cold soccer practices in winter’s darkness

From the traditional ski trip on the precipitous Wintergreen slopes

And the nostalgic lyrics of “Good Old Days”

I am from the late-night sleepovers with friends

And “saving” snapping turtles from the turbid creek

From arctic blue glow in the dark glasses

And water balloon fights on scorching summer days

I am from the annual family reunions in the Blue Ridge Mountains 

And the endless treasure hunts for sea glass 

From a father raised by the sweetness of Georgia peaches

And a mother nurtured from crayfish-ridden rivulets 

I am from fleeting failure and sorrow 

And from eternal improvement and bliss

From “Life is what you make of it”

And “You won’t know until you try”

I am from ancestors of European descent

And courageous travelers whom I will never know

From memorable photographs that linger through generations

A glimpse into the tale of past existence

Unequivocally surviving to remind me of where I am from

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