This lovely single poem arrived by Kaylee Morgan Coby. To start your weekend and winter days

Where I’m From 

by Kaylee Morgan Coby

I am from card games  

From movie snacks and drinks 

I am from the swimming pool in my backyard 

(Blue, temperate, 

with a glistening shimmer from the sun.)  

I am from Lakebay, quaint and peaceful, 

the barnacles  

whose sharpness hurt my feet 

as if they were made of the quills on the back of a porcupine. 

I’m from Friday Night Lights and A Walk to Remember  

from Angela and Bill. 

I’m from the conservatives and right wingers,  

from get it done and do it right. 

I’m from distance and wrongdoers 

and the dream of success and proving them wrong. 

I’m from Washington and Arizona 

Pool darts and recliner chairs. 

From the lotions and potions that I created and played Dr. Mary with. 

Tubs in my mama’s closet 

Are filled to the brim with pictures and trinkets, 

Smudges, blurriness, and silly faces. 

A world of marching band show shirts and prom photos with old crushes 

Ready to sift through while I smile remembering the past. 

I am from the past— 

With all the memories and the characters 

And all the things that make me the me I am today. 

Mrs. Kaylee Coby

ESS Inclusion Teacher

Carl Hayden Community High School

(602) 764-1100 extension 43404

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