Welcome to Winter: 3 poems, so full of imagery, story. A way to celebrate Martin Luther King.

Where I Am From

Nancy Langley

I am from dark and light

Dim and bright

From left and right

From blindness to sight.

I am from silence and noise

To echoes and poise 

From my soul

I am from great joys

I am from below

In the darkness so

And up above

Where sprinkles glow

I’m from good and bad

happy and sad

From loving laughter

Too raging mad

I am from water and blood

From a great flood

To a spark

Ignited in the mud

I’m from spirit to flesh

Born in the countryside

Growing up running free

Eating chicken, fried

I am from tears of joy

Shared with family & friends

From my imagination

playing pretend

I am from my youth

Speaking truth

Through my experiences

A well known sleuth

I am from my sense

From great dense

On a conscious level

In my defense

I am from this host

A soul residing within

Waiting for the cycle

To repeat again

There is no end

I Am From

Lillian Greene

I am from Running shoes,

I am from Sunflowers in a vase on the table,

From the Carnations in the front yard.

I am from cooking together and brown hair,

From Crystal and Andrew and Grace

.I am from telling stories and being early

From always be yourself and You never have to be the best but you have to try your best.

I am from family get-togethers.

I am from Indiana, Pretzel, jello and fresh fruit.

From moms glistening hair to dads shining eyes

I am from picture albums stacked high in the closet.

I Am From

Adeline Noland

I’m from backyard grass,

From picture books and princess castles

I’m from daydreamers, mischief, and our cracked kitchen floor.

I’m from dandelion wishes and flower crowns

I’m from the house we moved away from

Mac and cheese and meatloaf

 I’m from swimming in our backyard pool

From forgetfulness and head in clouds.

From “Remember to…” and “Don’t be rude”.

Even now

I’m from scrapped knees and forgotten daydreams

Learning how to ride a bike, imagining I could fly

From playing make-believe and sharing almost everything.

I’m from stick together

Most importantly

I’m from the tattered and taped memories of who I used to be

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