A Wonderful New Set of Poems from Ontario

I Am 


I am from a small two story house on a tiny crescent.

I am from the freedom that my backyard allows me to have.

I am from a family who supports my every decision.

I am from parents who taught and raised me.

I am from my sister who taught me to love.

I am from the truth and only stand honesty.

I am from kindness and making others feel good.

I am from friends who constantly make me happy.

I am from the hours spent talking on the phone with friends.

I am from the world in which I travel.

I am from the ground which is always there to break my falls.

I am from the water I spend my summers in.

I am from the snow where I spend my winters outside.

I am from the ice which I skate on.

I am from the arena I spend many hours in.

I am from technology and all it does to keep me occupied.

I am from food and all the hours spent enjoying it.

I am from chess and all the strategies I learned from it.

I am from school to which I devote my time and effort too.

I am from success and overcoming the challenges I’ve faced.

I am from injuries in which I healed.

I am from me and everything I stand for.

Where I’m From

Caitlin Bruno

I’m from a small girl whose hair blew blond and eyes shined blue,
And from sneaking out of a small crib with a loved one to play in a dark room.
I’m from a kitchen where a hole in the wall would overlook the next,
Whose walls were covered in drawings of crayon telling our stories,
From watermelon cakes to my very own pizza, topped with the sweetest yellow pineapples.
I’m from a small home in a welcoming community where you could hear the canal trickling out back, From the backyard where the hammock swung, in between two trees, falling into their leaves — CRUNCH! CRUNCH!
I’m from an open field of soft green grass just a house or two down,
Whose broken fence boards lay to house the rollie pollies who would crawl up our arms.
I’m from the big white Cathedral that had the cool blowing air.
I’m from the play room in the back of the house while laughs filled the air as we imagine the impossible, I am from late night drives while screaming songs at the top of our lungs,
And from movie nights where we sat huddled together under the cozy blankets with lots of warm hugs. I’m from winning four awards in one year where I was recognized for leadership and kindness to others. From running to my teachers across the hot school yard to tell them the tales of our glorious days,
The “tea circle” and all the secrets written filled the binder to the brim, who was gifted to our teacher, Circling the teachers car and telling them “please don’t go”,
And having to say goodbye for the very last time.
I am from the day a young girl sat in the auditorium with not a thought going in,
Where she heard words and words about saving the ocean and the marine life within,
That opened my eyes to see what I want to be and accomplish in this life.
These are memories clung to my mind,
Playing again and again as the years go by.

I Am From

Gabby Cerca

I am from cold winters and warm summers.
I am from a household full of laughter.
I am always writing, reading, and dreaming.
I am from a place where the sun shines and flowers grow and season change as the year grow.

From Tires screeching to birds chirping in the early morning rain. Family and friends are always coming and going.
As we start to run we see summers done and fall has just begun. As the leaves change from red to yellow and winter starts to arrive we see the birds fly off into the nighttime sky.

I am from a place where the bells chime to warn us winter has arrived.
I am from a place where snow is so fluffy and crunchy.
As the river grows higher and the season of winter retires.

I am where you can smell the stunning flowers as we splash in the wonderful water.
I am from the “ why fit in when you can stand out” and “you just have to believe”.

I am a person who has so many amazing memories of laughter and comfort and sorrow.
I’m a reader and a sleeper but most of all I am a dreamer.

I Am From

Joseph Gillard

I am from pools

From churches and trees

I am from red brick and siding houses

From tourists in the summer, to snow in the winter

Waves crashing, and fresh smells from shops downtown

From quick, educated chatter, or slow, familiar humor

I am from large thanksgivings, fuelled by humor and laughs

From turkey and stuffing, to ham and scalloped potatoes

I am from a family of similarities, slight differences enlarged

From a family of boys, and outdoors our second home

Flannels, jeans, and sweaters

I am from common names, and similar professions

From a place of history, recreations keep it alive

I am from chiming bells and church clocks

From Flowering gardens, full of tulips,

Parks all surrounding

I am from busy streets, quieted by the cold

Music playing in town, it’s source hidden by the noise

From birds by the shore, to the animals in the forests

I am from trying new things, but not too many

From “Walk it off” and “Try again”

I am from maple trees,

Thick, tall, and red

I am from fixers, and makers

Readers, and teachers

I am from quiet nights, and board games

From card games, and winners (some cheaters too)

I am from soft hearts and kind voices

Joseph G.

Am From

Ken Terryberry

I am from the small town with tree lined streets,

Kids laughing on the roads play ball hockey.

I am from the house with a carport,

It’s filled with the smell of homemade pizza and peanut butter cookies.

I am from the plushie covered bed, with new clothes thrown among them.

I am from the mid noon walks home from secondary school with old friends,

Shoving and joking with one another.

I’m from wild imagination, sarcastic remarks, and smiles that reach my eyes.

I am from the sound of rolling dice on wooden tables,

Cheering at the meaningless numbers that others see.

I am from the old days after school watching “ How To Train Your Dragon” with my grandpa

I am from a stern grandma warning me “elbows off the table”, with a fork in hand.

I Am From

Vanessa Kradko

I am from tall green cedars

As the fence and decoration in my backyard

I’m from vibrant fireworks on New Years Eve and blonde, luscious hair

From warm chicken noodle soup and fresh, tasty pepperoni pizza

I am from soft and cozy blankets

From beautiful views of sunsets, many vineyards and houses being built

Sounds of loud fire truck sirens every other day

From chirping and colorful birds being chased by my playful, little brother

I am from “don’t make your brothers frown”

And from a variety of quiet, loud and colorful cars driving as I am walking through town

From the passing out of extreme heat in an amusement park of the summer of 2019 and the nurse giving me a refreshingly cold popsicle

I’m from cold Southern Russia and cold Southern Canada

From my one and only, adventurous and fun cousin, who is my all time best friend

And from my Opa who adores his beautiful, fluffy and affectionate cat

I’m from Christianty, going weekly to church with my family

I am from the warm hearted and can do anything Mama that loves and cares for everyone

I am from….

Lilli Mensinger

I am from dark oak cabinets,

from dogs and hermit crabs.

I’m from the rustic bricks of my home.

I’m from the smell of sugar cookies wafting through the house.

I am from tulips, the babbling brooks of Wyommissing and the tall mountains of Pennsylvania.

I’m from huge pine trees whose limbs I remember as if they were my own.

I am from dice games and perkiness.

I’m from my Mom and Dad

I am from kindness and edginess

and from compassion

I am from “Love Bug” and “Lilypad” ,

and “Don’t get thrown under the bus’’,

from Thanksgiving dinners and holiday gatherings.

I’m from Sinking Spring and Germany,

from red velvet cakes and butter cookies,

from wave riding off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

I’m from the mementos in my room, diary, office, and heart.

I am From

By Samantha Bunting

I am from my mom and dad.

I am from barbies and dolls all day.

I am from homemade pizza and burgers too.

I am from music changing through the years.From One Direction to Juice World and Shawn Mendes.

I am from hardworking and trying your best.

I am from kindness and respect.

I am from my friends and family.

I am from my best friends Jacob,Kailey and Makenna.

I am from being an older sister to Adam.

I am from laughter and memories and late summer nights.

I am from chess games during lunch and track and field.

I am from, summer vacation with my family up north.

I am from swimming and playing in the snow.

I am from grade 6 camp and those memories.

I am from Thorold, Ontario.

I Am Poem

Sienna Cook

I am from pretty skies and trips to the community pool and coming home when the street lights turn on.

From trips to the community pool and waking up to morning doves chirping.

From “I love you x 1000000” and home cooked meals.

I am from playing man hunt with the boys next door and playing wii sports all weekend.

I am from snowy winters and hot summers.

I am from music in headphones and posters on walls.

From tire swings at my uncle’s house and Christmas at grandmas.

From braided hair and painted nails.

I am from playing house with my brother and making jewelry with my friends.

From pizza without cheese.

I am from disney movies on repeat and angry birds on tablets.

I am from jumping on wet trampolines and falling everywhere.

I am from riding the carousel at the beach with my mom and brother.

I am from hot chocolates and tobogganing.

I am from sleepovers with my best friend.

I Am From

Matthew Baryla

I am from my kittens to my cats,

To my baseball gloves, hats, and bats.

I am from “Don’t do this!” to “Don’t do that!”

All the way to “Come on Matt!”

I am from the smells that are frozen to the smells of homemade

The smells of hot pizza

Right off the pizza tray.

But every Thanksgiving at the table,

We are sure to eat the turkey raised at the stable.

I am from all the places I’ve lived

The bustling city of Milton

To the suburbs of Cambridge

However, the only place I call “home”

Is either the baseball diamond or the Blue Jays dome.

But the number one thing that is to ‘take away’ here,

Are the friends and family that I hold dear.

They’re always there to support me here or there

And they’re always there to give me care.

I Am From

Christine Wing

I am from the smell of muffins when I walk in the door after a long day of school

I am from Robert Munch books and Chester the Cat.

I am from Barbies, Polly Pockets and watching Franklin. From Lego Friends and my brothers breaking my toys that comes with raging anger and temper tantrums

I am from rainy days and thunderstorms that petrified my brother.

I come from The Game of Life and Uno. From Sour Patch Kids and Sour Cream and Onion Chips. From Wii Sports Resort and Mario Kart.

I come from the feeling of wet dirt on my feet and random bruises. From grass stains and dirty shoes.

I am from wearing wings while on my swingset and pretending I’m a fairy flying high in the sky.

I am from bike rides and the feeling of the summer breeze. From late night drives and basking in the summer sun.

I am from itchy grass and my fear of ticks

I’m from the mouth watering homemade mac and cheese topped with BBQ chips. From the love of cucumbers and peanut butter sandwiches.

I’m from my homemade tree house

I am from my cottage in Buckhorn with canoe rides and mosquito bites that made me want to tear off my skin.

I’m from fishing and being too scared to take the fish off the hook

I’m from trips to Florida and Universal Studios. From an all consuming fear of roller coasters.

I’m from Lard Lad Donuts and butter beer.

I’m from warm morning walks amd late night talks with my cousin

I’m from spending summer days in the pool, from the feeling of laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

All those good feelings are gone now because I am now from anxiety and restless thoughts that keep me up at night.

I’m from feeling numb and lonely. From stress and anger. From hating how I am or how I look and that everybody else agrees. From feeling my anxiety take over my body and I only feel and see black.

I’m from feeling like everyone is judging every move I make so carefully, that I can’t even risk breathing.

Am From…

Danae Dyck

I am from book shelves. From tricky puzzles and so many family photos. I am from the park that’s practically my backyard, vast, social, so loud you can hear the laughter from out my window. I’m from the patter of rain that comes down on my roof as I fall asleep at night. I am from blooming gladiolus, blowing in the cool Leamington wind. I’m from grandma’s delicious holiday feasts and exceptionally bright learners. From Ronald Dyck, the best whistler I know, and Cheryl Wilms, who’s Christmas cookies never disappoint. I’m from the oddly pleasurable smell of the washing machine after a new load. From family movie nights topped with mouth-watering nachos or pizza. I’m from fun family road trips and jamming in the back of the car to only the best music. From “Is Cecilia around to play?” (my neighbor a few houses down.) and “Is that a challenge?” I’m from Proverbs 3:5-6, and going to church each bright sunday morning. I’m from the Great White North in the small, highly populated lowlands. From my mom’s freshly baked apple crisp, topped with vanilla ice cream, and fried potatoes generously sprinkled with italian seasoning. From my parents’ love of teaching and learning and my ancestors’ choice to flee to Canada. Next to the stairs on a low shelf above the board games, lie the numerous family albums storing memories and adventures that may get lost in the mind but always linger in the heart, each moment relived as a page is turned.

I Am From

Skylar Schnitchen

I am from sticky smores of marshmallow and chocolate
From where the air feels clean, and smells of bonfires.
I am from the love of my family, from my Moms and my brother.
From where there is laughter and long hikes in my back forest.
I am from hockey and basketball games in the driveway.
I am from plain pizza and chicken nuggets on the couch watching movies.
I am from Star Wars, Rocky, and Marvel movies.
I am from my Aunt with her farm
From feeding the pig, horse and chickens.
I am from camping, kayaking, swimming and sandcastles.
I am from green hats on St. Patrick’s Day and from red hearts on Valentines Day. From celebrating these days with family dinners.
I am from Thanksgiving dinners at the beach house with family and friends.
I am from warm days on the beach.
From adventure and exploration.

By: Skylar Schnitchen

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