Two poems to celebrate February, snow or sun..!

I am From 

Will Sargeant

I am from the sports that fuel me that I do every night,

To watching movies that make me say “Alright”.

I am from the determination and perseverance that that all can see,

To one day be proud to say that’s me.

I am from the Thorold Blackhawks hockey team,

And chocolate flavored ice cream.

I am from where I go at TSS High School, 

And of course chilling and relaxing by the pool.

I am from the food I love,

From the Injuries I suffer, 

I am from everything that helps me grow and makes me tougher.

I am from winter ODR’s and cottage cliff jumping,

From surfing and tandem skiing, 

To swimming in winter freezing.

I am from the great traditions my family celebrates,

To the rules and manors that they create.

I am from the family I love so deeply,

To the dog I have that smells kinda freaky.

I am from playing and imagining all that I could,

From the younger me at once I stood.

I am from working hard and trying my best,

To worrying about marks while trying to get rest.

I am from everly growing into someone new everyday,

But also holding onto memories that will never fade away.

 Am From…

Danae Dyck

I am from book shelves. From tricky puzzles and so many family photos. I am from the park that’s practically my backyard, vast, social, so loud you can hear the laughter from out my window. I’m from the patter of rain that comes down on my roof as I fall asleep at night. I am from blooming gladiolus, blowing in the cool Leamington wind. I’m from grandma’s delicious holiday feasts and exceptionally bright learners. From Ronald Dyck, the best whistler I know, and Cheryl Wilms, who’s Christmas cookies never disappoint. I’m from the oddly pleasurable smell of the washing machine after a new load. From family movie nights topped with mouth-watering nachos or pizza. I’m from fun family road trips and jamming in the back of the car to only the best music. From “Is Cecilia around to play?” (my neighbor a few houses down.) and “Is that a challenge?” I’m from Proverbs 3:5-6, and going to church each bright sunday morning. I’m from the Great White North in the small, highly populated lowlands. From my mom’s freshly baked apple crisp, topped with vanilla ice cream, and fried potatoes generously sprinkled with italian seasoning. From my parents’ love of teaching and learning and my ancestors’ choice to flee to Canada. Next to the stairs on a low shelf above the board games, lie the numerous family albums storing memories and adventures that may get lost in the mind but always linger in the heart, each moment relived as a page is turned.

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