Three new poems. They capture the imagery, story and variety that make up our world. Thank you to Jesse, Braiden and Savannah!

I Am From

Braiden Genest

I am from playing football in the backyard

 and drawing up plays on my clipboard.

I’m from hanging out with friends and

having sleepovers. 

From injuries and broken bones.

I’m from wrestling with my brothers and

 getting into trouble.

I’m from playing outside and climbing trees.

I’m from riding my bike on muddy trails and 

making big dirt jumps.

I’m from long car rides and falling 

asleep in the car.

I’m from playing catch at the park and

 playing manhunt in the field.

I’m from staying up late at night and playing 

video games.

I am from eating freezies on a hot summer day and 

eating delicious barbequed food for dinner.

I Am From

Jesse Hodgins

    I am from a family whose dad wasn’t always there,

 but luckily having a mother who always loved and cared.

      I am from growing up with two sisters who would annoy me with every chance they get, 

so I learned how to ignore and forget.

                                     I am from going to parks for hours, 

                                             and climbing up tall trees, 

  which felt like towers.

  I am from staring at walls to pass time, 

  and staying up late

  doing nothing sometimes.  

       I am from being called smart by my parents but,

        Never feeling smart enough.

             I am from waking up early and smelling fresh cut grass,

              and swimming all day until sunlight passed.

           I am from staying up late and playing with my friends,

               Hoping the fun would never end.

                 I am from hanging out with family having fun, 

      we joke and we laugh

         and say a few puns.

      I am from moving around

          just trying to live in the same town.

I Am From


I am from a warm home
From making potions in the bathtub
with soaps and smells, to learning to ride a bike

I am from cleaning up after my dog
to witnessing her giving birth.

I am from learning how to braid hair on my dolls
to teaching my sister to walk.

I’m from changing her diapers,
from her learning how to talk.

I am from her being my other half, The other part of me.
So was my dog Thistle, she made me complete.

I am from realizing time was cutting short and from feeling it in my bones.
I am from holding her one last time before it was time to go.

I am from making her the best food that I could.
From her enjoying it, I’m from being glad she like it, she deserved it.

I am from dreading the last car ride there, From wishing it was 5 years earlier.

I am from watching the life leave her eyes, from wishing I said something, but I’m too afraid of goodbyes.

I am from the past, Dreading the future.
I have two cats now. They know I’ll be there.

I am from the waves and the sky, Until next time, it’s time to say goodbye 🙂 .

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