Tina Chivers class from Niagara Falls< Ontario has sent another group of marvelous poems! Enjoy…!

Hardi Patel, Broden Woodland, Krish Vohra, and Jared Kappa!


I am from enchanting weddings and Indian sari’s

From Dairy Milk bars and chai, instead of coffee 

From the first whiff of sweet, humid Mumbai air after the terrible plane ride and messy hair

I am from the feeling of excitement that we’re going somewhere and from the question asked way too many times: “Are we there?”

From the finally reaching, and showers of love

From the classic saying, “ Wow! You’ve grown so much!”

I am from the shy first encounter with the cousins I love, and then moving on and never keeping our mouths shut

I am from the stories told by my precious grandmas, talking all about my kind and caring grandpas

I’m from never having seen them, but always having known; who they were and their roles

From my mom and my grandma letting me know, my grandpa was the one who made Dungri home

I’m from knowing Hansapor is also home, for that’s where my dad, his brothers and sisters were born. 

I am from the being delighted when finding out; I’ve got 4 generations in a single house

I’m from the experiences of moving so many times

From the lesson that a single house is not where home lies

I am from the cherished hour-long conversations with my dad 

From my mom comforting me with that hug of hers when I am sad

I am from butter chicken dinners and samosa breakfasts

I’m from cherished Saturday sleepovers with my sister on a single mattress

I am from listening for the sound of Divya’s bike tires, and the familiar knock so we know it’s her (and time for choir)

From the lovely conversations at the park with Shanzay

From the long bus rides with all of the Christie’s, and talking

From getting to know Sienna, and cherishing those moments, the happy, the sad, all during covid

I’m from the basketball games and capture the flag that always ended in arguments, but no one stayed sad; defending the ball like our lives were dependent on whether we let the other person get it

I am from the not knowing I was cooking memories when doing it

I am from learning to put myself above others

From the learning to gain more confidence

I’m from doing the little things that matter and meaning it

And from all the lessons I’ve learned about life

I am from Mrs. Rackal & Mrs. Funk, who believed in me

I am from finally seeing how my family sees me

I am from learning to become the real me.

by Hardi Patel


I am from driving on an ATV through trails at my grandparents.

From beef on a bun and the feeling of the food melting on your tongue.

I am from the sight of corn growing in a field.

From The sight of horses rolling in mud, the sound of birds chirping, and wind howling, 

The sound of dogs barking at the sound of an ATV roaring.

 I am from peppers, and cucumbers growing in the garden, 

and the red and green gloss of them after they get watered.

I’m from family gatherings for celebrations of birthdays. 

I am from dog breeders.

From waking up to the sound of kids playing basketball early in the morning.

From Douglas McGowan, and Donnie McGowan.

I’m from having a night dedicated for watching a movie with my family.     

From “the boy who cried wolf” and “I love you to the moon and back”. 

From making either chicken quesadillas, or a steak stir fry for my family twice a week. 

I’m from savoring the taste of my grandma’s ratatouille, and having my mouth water when my aunt’s steak and potatoes are in my sight.

From having a vast supply of brownies, and muffins.     

I’m from, looking down the street in the spring and catching a sight of green buds growing on all the trees, so beautiful.

From “Far East” my family’s favorite chinese restaurant, and “Franks” a classic family pizza business.

From having to worry about my brother after he went to the ER, many times in my life from accidentally cutting or drilling himself.                                                    

From getting flipped out of a golf cart because my brother, and I went open throttle and threw a trench.

From having cookouts, and swimming with my cousins while other family members eat together.

From the fraile wrinkly looks of my fingers after spending all night swimming with my favorite people.

From going to our local park and playing tackle football with my friends, from noon until dinner is ready, then repeating the next day.

I am Broden Woodland

Poem by Broden Woodland


I am from the pharmacy across the street,

From fried food, and bbq chicken.

I am from the balcony, and U-shaped driveways (uneven , rough, and too hot in the summer.)

I am from the apple trees and chili peas,

whose fragrance is spicy, and sweet in the air.

I’m from dinner outs and dark eyes.

From Nitya and Maneet. 

I’m from watching movies together and cooking together. 

“From boys don’t cry” and ”stop acting like a girl.”   

I’m from Sikh, and church on sundays.

 I’m from New york, and India,

Samosas, and BBQ chicken.

From the same voices me and my sister share.                                                      

The farm that my dad as a child owned back home, 

And the pictures of the memories tucked away in photo frames.                                                    

I am from my grandpa’s binoculars on my dad’s side.

Poem by Krish Vohra.

I am From

I am from hockey skates, soccer cleats, and footballs

I am from strong wits and diligence

I am from working hard in school and sports

From not giving up. Ever.            

I am from the home on the corner with a large backyard

From Cappa and Pantelich

I’m from large Christmas gatherings and curly hair

From blondes to black hair

I’m from heights of ‘Five feet’ and ‘Six foot four.’ 

I’m from football players to musicians 

I’m from the arguing of politics at family gatherings and everyone listening to Nonna

From eating freshly cooked pasta to golden roasted potatoes

From “You will always have to deal with people you don’t like your entire life, just do your job.” and “Eat some more!”

I am from the sounds of kids playing up and down the street

I am from riding bikes back and forth from my house to friends’ houses

I am from “Five more minutes please”

From solving riddles, anagrams, and math problems

I’m from Jelly or Jam on a “PB&J’s”

I’m from alarm clocks going off at 7am

I’m from red car beds when I was little

I’m from Easter egg hunts with family

I’m from dogs, fish, and hamsters

I am from chips and burgers

I am from apples and bananas 

I am from packages from amazon

I am from painting rocks from the river

I am from abc’s, 123’s, red’s and blues’s 

Poem By: Jared Cappa

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