Two poems: one long and winding, one short and intense. Both honest and amazing. What we need today.

Where I’m From

by Hailey R. Czegeny

I am from excessive amounts of Chapstick, from markers and Monster High dolls. I am from incorrectly installed floor boards (Creaky, loud, and Every movement was heard). I am from the lilac tree that grew in the center of our garden, whose captivating colour and scent eased my senses and calmed me down. I’m from camping and sunburns, from dirty feet and late nights by the beaming fire. I’m from failed makeup experiments with my sister that could be compared to clown makeup, from making crazy videos in our spare time and going on spontaneous scooter trips down the creek path.

 I am from Sheltie Terriers, Corgis, smooth coat hamsters and my one,  legendary beta fish named skye. I am from climbing anything and everything, from afternoons in the neighbors tree and being told not to fall, from attempting to scale the brick walls of our house. I’m from diverse music tastes and bass boosted car ride music. I’m from convincing my parents to let me use their laptops, from playing Club Penguin and Poptropica. I am from pedestrian-filled crosswalks and nature-prominent pathways, from the smell of fresh cut grass, distant sounds of baseball bats colliding with baseballs, and from the sound of kids yelling and making their way to school across the field.

I’m from Leslie (my mom) and Steve (my dad) and I am from the reluctant grocery trips with mom, from trying to convince her to let me get the foods I wanted, like DunkAroos, Dino egg oatmeal and Lunchables. I’m from the tickle fights with dad, where someone always accidentally got hurt in the end, From the hugs, kisses and apologies that followed up. I am from watching and pretending to be in my favourite T.V shows, from Scooby Doo, Totally Spies, and Lego Ninjago. I am from the numerous visits to my grandparents, from chips, salsa and card games, from swiss chalet trips, and YMCA pool adventures. I’m from the frequent drives and movie nights, from the constant “Stop talking” and “Stay focused”.I am from the family hikes, from being scared about ticks, poison ivy and happily watching my dog trot through forests. 

I’m from  praying at each meal, and bible reading with my grandparents. I’m from Canada and from the Carons and Czegenys, Grandma’s cabbage rolls, beef paprikash and Nokedli (Hungarian noodles/dumplings). I am from the fingers my dad almost lost to an electric saw, the punch my mom used to humble someone who stole from her. 

In the living room and on the red wood cabinet lies collections of family memories in the form of books, which are out on display to remember our adventures. I am from those adventures, some old but not forgotten, that gave me joy while I spent time with those who meant the most to me.

Where I’m From

Nic E.

I am from binky, from knife and pills i am from distant and quiet 

 I am from cattail whose majestic I am from love
and lust from Kaylynne and Rylee i am from addiction
and depression and from bipolar disorder from ADHD

i am from yelling i am from Scottish and Irish from 

 chips and dip from dancing and tapps and from odie

 i am from those memories and moments and more 

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