Anyssa McCalla brings us this longer version of her beautiful poem…happy summer!

I am From 

Anyssa McCalla 

I am from green grass and deep soil

From the long lines of tired hard workers 

Who made life happen even when they couldn’t

Great-Grandmother, Grandmother, and Mommy

Who broke their backs trying to survive as single black mothers

I am from Great-grandmother. 

She escaped the south to live up north. 

made a farm for her children and great-grandchildren.  

Owned a fish truck and gas station became entrepreneurs for the family.

She broke curses with her bare hands and gave us love to withstand in the world’s way. 

Gave us sharpshooters, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. 

Making us stay true to our southern roots.

I am from Grandmother. 

Most educated in her class but dropped out early due to the lack of money.

Worked in the family farm and high school lunches trying to keep ends up.

She had never seen her father since age sixteen and couldn’t see him buried.

Mother of nine children but eventually becoming the mother of 8 living children.

“Eat your dinner and go to bed early; maybe we can see some horses in the morning.”

Telling me stories of life and great drives to the lake

Left wondering what life could’ve been.

I am from Mommy 

High school dropout due to lack of money.

Broken homes and crazy families, She took care of it all.

Survival is all she knew, never dreamt because it wouldn’t come true.

She never knew her father but met his new family in her 30s at his wake.

Stress is all she knows and fighting for her children is all she can do.

Telling me the lost tales of life and staying true to the black roots.

Left wondering what life could’ve been.

I am from Dad

An immigrant from Jamaica who came here to have something new.

He gave me the best stories and Jamaican tales.

Reggae songs that made a culture.

Burying his father at a young age, fearing that he could not see his best days.
A dreamer and traveler whose passport is stamped in places I’ve never thought about.

Seen presidents and been inside of the White House.

A construction worker who retired early. 

Never left wondering of what life could have been.

I am daughter

I am from high school dropouts and realist vs dreamers.

I am from old country folks and new-age storytellers.

I am a dreamer and lover.

I am the sister of 5 on my mom’s side and three on my dad’s.

Burying my father at 17 and still trying to make peace here at 19.

I am from deep memories in farms, cities, and hectic homes.

I am from trying to save the family and keep the peace.. 

I am southern at heart, and Jamaican blood runs in me.

I am a creative woman who loves dancing, traveling, and fighting for what is right.

Lover of writing, reading, adventures, and music

I am a deep thinker and believer in good things 

I am from Connecticut trees, Southern Roots, and Jamaican love.

I am a first-generation college student.

I am Anyssa McCalla.

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