I Am From is ready for summer. Opening with this magnificent poem by Anon. Our poems tell stories. This one has so much in it.

Where I’m From…

 by Anon

I’m from dirty Motels/Hotels in my young years

Behind sketchy convenient stores

I’m from the smell of smoke

From leftover fireworks or gunshots

After many years it was hard to tell the difference 

I’m from maturing at a young age

From doing adult tasks by the age of 9

I’m from seeing countless men come and go

To meet my birth mom from morning to night

I’m from a childhood that was stripped away

From raising and feeding my sister

At the age of 13 that was put to a stop

I’m from adoption at the age of 14

From gaining a childhood years later

To vacationing for the first time

I’m from being the first to graduate High School

To failing four College Degrees

I’m from an adopted parent telling me what to study

To not being able to accomplish her dream

I’m from living for others

To never living for myself

I’m from 8 years with a mis-diagnosed bipolar disorder

From medication here and medication there

I’m from meeting a caring psychiatrist four years prior

To getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality

To both A.D.D and O.C.D with meds that impacted in a positive light

I’m from starting back up in school 

To pursuing a degree in acting

I’m from writing my first film script

To getting it made into a short film a few months later

I’m from gaining a Talent Agent a year later

To getting casted in a feature film

I’m from exploring the world of theatre

To getting a job as an improv actor

I’m from getting casted in a short romance film

To taking over and producing it myself

I’m from moving away from a toxic environment

To ten years with a manipulative adoptive parent

I’m from an apartment of my own

From waking up to the beam of the sun through the window

To the scent of freshly brewed coffee

I’m from picking up Guitar as a hobby

To learning two songs with the help of YouTube

I’m from a very tough time growing up

To being content with what I have now

This is me

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