Two new poems…miles apart, each with their own story…

I am From

Muhametzhanova Albina

14 years

From the city of Semey in Kazakhstan

I’m from…

I am from sketches

From Troxevasin ointment and Albeni chocolate bars

From clothes scattered about the room

(tiresome, crumpled, those that you have to put back into the closet every day)

I am from apple trees and white roses 

Whose aromas attract gazes and trigger reflexes  

I am their offspring, outwardly simple, but with a surprise within

I am from fresh bread and interrupted words

From, ‘Well, you are a girl” and “Mind your tone”

I am from sweet Easter and noisy toi (Kazakh word for ‘feast’) 

I am from great Semipalatinsk and modest Semey 

From fatty meat and shortbread biscuits 

From the heroism of my great-grandfather who reached Berlin 

From the saddle of my mother who went horse riding 

and from a

An old travel bag with a picture album inside – 

This is me, this is us in it.

I Am From

Ella Steele

I am from my T.Y. stuffed animals that used to come alive, from watching T.V. on my brown living room couch. 

I am from playing dress-up when all the clothes were too big, from laying in bed wishing I was a big kid. 

I am from scrapes on my knees from riding my pink and purple bike, from making bracelets all summer with my cousin and going on hikes.

I am from homemade backyard ice rinks and neighbourhood hangouts. I am from late nights with family and early morning vacations. 

I am from the warmth of my home, busy, crazy, but loving. From family dinners at my house, where we laughed the whole time. 

I am from my two big brothers, who taught me how to play hockey, and that time I got a black eye from a ball hockey ball. 

I am from my Nanny’s brick house where I ate dessert before dinner, from my aunties house where all I ate was sugar. 

I am from many cherished memories that I will remember always and forever. From loyal friends and a loving family.  


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