Here we are: from many places…coming together.

Muhametzhanova Albina

14 years

From the city of Semey in Kazakhstan

I’m from…

I am from sketches

From Troxevasin ointment and Albeni chocolate bars

From clothes scattered about the room

(tiresome, crumpled, those that you have to put back into the closet every day)

I am from apple trees and white roses 

Whose aromas attract gazes and trigger reflexes  

I am their offspring, outwardly simple, but with a surprise within

I am from fresh bread and interrupted words

From, ‘Well, you are a girl” and “Mind your tone”

I am from sweet Easter and noisy toi (Kazakh word for ‘feast’) 

I am from great Semipalatinsk and modest Semey 

From fatty meat and shortbread biscuits 

From the heroism of my great-grandfather who reached Berlin 

From the saddle of my mother who went horse riding 

and from a

An old travel bag with a picture album inside – 

This is me, this is us in it.

I Am From

Ella Steele

I am from my T.Y. stuffed animals that used to come alive, from watching T.V. on my brown living room couch. 

I am from playing dress-up when all the clothes were too big, from laying in bed wishing I was a big kid. 

I am from scrapes on my knees from riding my pink and purple bike, from making bracelets all summer with my cousin and going on hikes.

I am from homemade backyard ice rinks and neighbourhood hangouts. I am from late nights with family and early morning vacations. 

I am from the warmth of my home, busy, crazy, but loving. From family dinners at my house, where we laughed the whole time. 

I am from my two big brothers, who taught me how to play hockey, and that time I got a black eye from a ball hockey ball. 

I am from my Nanny’s brick house where I ate dessert before dinner, from my aunties house where all I ate was sugar. 

I am from many cherished memories that I will remember always and forever. From loyal friends and a loving family.  


I Am From


I am from a place where people dream big but dreams are never made. A place where you would think it’s nice but if you visited then you’d probably be traumatized. I’m from Rhode island. 

I’m from the taste of nasty pizza but good chinese food, The taste of big dreams but hard to accomplish. The taste of accomplishment but hard to make it anywhere. 

I’m from the room in my house where all I can do is dream about being a movie star but my second thoughts won’t let me become one.  Where I can dream and work hard but I feel like I won’t make it so I sleep it off. Where I act, act and act but feel like I’m not good enough. 

I’m from a place where love is a battlefield because one is looking for love but the other is cold-hearted. Where we are told being with someone makes our life fulfilled but sometimes just causes a good-old heartbreak. Where they know they’ve been cheated on but ignore it because it’s been a long time since they’ve been happy. Where the relationship is falling apart and is getting very sloppy. Where they don’t realize that love isn’t just a word and love can be a reason why people choose dying over living. 

I’m from a family who does nothing but bring positivity and negativity at the same time. Where you question their moves because they love each other but argue the next minute. When you ask “What the hell is going on” Everytime. I’m from a family who knows how to support, cherish and love you and your every move but can hurt you in a blink of an eye. Where we all wish for big things and try to accomplish it even though it may be hard. Where they all believe in different things but somehow don’t practice what they preach. 

I’m Jordalyz. I was born in Providence, Rhode Island but was mostly raised in New york. Where Rhode Island looks perfect on paper but not what you visioned when you come and see. Where it’s hard to accomplish your dreams no matter how hard you seek. Where one minute you’re happy but the next your heart sinks. 

I Am From

Sopie Neang

I am from my thin blue blanket, 

from pressing my face into the chilly fabric.

I am from fresh fruit, 

From being bitter, sweet, and tangy. 

I am from the picture perfect neighbourhood,

From being polished, noisy, busy thoroughfare. 

I am from a night-blooming cereus,

A pure white flower that blooms once a night.

But also once a year. 

I am from a killdeer,

From playing dumb and protecting my responsibilities. 

I am from a blank canvas,

From slathering colours to create structure

To trial-and-error. 

I am from “work hard play hard,” 

From work-life balance to treating it as a cycle. 

I am from old pictures,

From reminding old memories and missing my younger self. 

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