Here is a magnificent group of poems…places, images, thoughts, l is all there, from all over.

I am from

Keeley Irwin

i am keeley

i am from our big green garden

from beatles and bears

i am from a big brown house

and sunflowers

i am from the moon

whose lights further me

i am from candles and tea

from lucille and gary

and from strawberry picking in the spring

from sadness

i am from sunday night dinner

from ice cream and art

from fighting

and from loss

i am charlie boy

i am from the moments of fall

i am keeley

I am From

Sarah Benson

I am Sarah

I am from a swing set that I would soar on all day

from a box of toy cars and my box of jewellery

I am from a blue sided house that had a big window in the front for me to watch life go by

and the scary storage room with our microwave

I am from a maple tree that peaked over my neighbour’s fence

Whose leaves made the best piles in autumn

I am from our van that took us on many adventures and our camera that captured all of the memories

from Benson and Hollows

and from humour and sarcasm

from being extremely empathetic and caring

I am from writing a letter to Santa each year 

from summer berry pie and british custard

from some adoptions that make my family a mystery

and from fighting in World War 2

I am from a tricycle

I am from the moments of adrenaline before going on stage

I am Sarah and these are the memories that I hold so dearly

I am Sarah and this is where I came from

I Am From

Laia Carrion Batet

I am Laia

I am from the game’s room that as a child I used to spend hours and hours,

From my doll house, my skates 

I am from the table where I spent so much time trying to finish the food I didn’t like

And the sofa where I used to fell asleep while watching movies

I am from the roses I watered every week

Whose smiled at me every time that I did that

I am from my scooter, my shoes with lights

From my mom and dad

And from the sandwiches my grandmother made me every day after school

From the school mornings in which my grandfather made me finish all my breakfast

I am from the christmas dinners where the whole family gathers

From my grandmother’s macaroni and my dad’s omelet

I am from the moments I spent with the people I love.

I Am From 

By Hailey Olney

I am from tall trees that I used to climb,

From the rocks and sticks that I collected.

I am from the happiness,

And the competitiveness of my family.

I am from the many flowers,

Who were bright and colourful.

I am from the pumpkins and the snow,

From the witches and overplayed Christmas songs,

And from the glasses and the laughs,

From the pure weirdness that makes us family.

I am from Christmas brunch, and tailored costumes, 

From homemade buns, and banana bread.

I am from the divorce of my grandma

And from the death of the other.

I am from the moments of joy, and am the reflection of the past.

Where I’m From: Hannah Pretorius

I am Hannah

I am from rental movies from the DVD store

From fish and chips takeout and walks along the harbour

I am from the big beautiful nature reserve right in my backyard

And the round pool where I would rescue frogs from the gutter

I am from the big lemon tree 

Whose lemons never ripened

I am from the wooden rocking horse and pretty, blonde barbie dolls

From Pretorius and Maakal

And from stubbornness and impulsiveness

From change and braveness

I am from swimming in the ocean on christmas day

From biltong and braais

From moving across the world

And from starting over

I am riding in the trunk, unbuckled to my friends house

I am from the moments of loneliness

I am Hannah and this is where I’m from

I Am From

Annabelle Gerber

I am Ocean

I am from stories upon shelves

From oak wood and ghosts

I am from warmth

and curiosity 

I am from gardens

who grew up along side me

I am from pencils and paper

from Morris and Gerber

and from creativity and adventure

I am from christmas eve churches

from soiled egg salad and barbeque smoke

from finding a new life

I am from friends I never thought would leave

I am from the moments fear traced my steps

I am made from experiences

I am  From

Dayton Mason

I am Dayton

I am from flannel fitted sheets,

from Chevrolets and loud Apple Music.

I am from a beautiful countryside,

and a home for animals and people alike.

I am from a cherry blossom tree,

whose presence signifies love.

from Swedish and Indigeonous descent,

and from open minds and open arms.

from constant music.

I am from sunday school and presents of Christmas Eve,

from meatballs and salmon, 

from world record bighorns,

and from big game hunting.

I am an instrument.

I am from the moments that define me for me.

I am who I am.

I am Me.

I Am From

 Julia Penner

am from refusing to sleep in my crib,

from always carrying around my signature blanket,

and keeping my stuffed animals close.

I am from watching childhood shows, 

from singing Spongebob’s “Best Day Ever,”

and tormenting my parents with “In The Night Garden.”

I am from running around the house as fast as I can, 

from falling on the Slip n’ Slide, 

holding my breath as long as possible,

and racing my friends in the swimming pool.

I am from believing in every fairytale, 

from waiting for my Christmas elf to arrive, 

and leaving cookies out for Santa.

I am from carving pumpkins,

from roasting their seeds,

and always putting way too much salt on them.

I am from dressing up for Halloween, 

from Trick or Treating with my cousins, 

and binge eating candy till I feel sick.

I am from living in the middle of no where,

from taking long walks along the canal,

and watching the water get sucked away as the boats floated by.

I am from losing my cat,

from adopting more,

and finding the lost one.

I am from doing terrible in online school,

from being extremely stressed, 

and trying my hardest.

I am from making friends in 8th grade,

from getting awards,

and having a class of thirty-two.

I am from learning electric guitar,

from taking lessons,

and trying to show off.

I am from staying up till 6am with my friends,

from playing video-games with them,

from losing some and gaining even more.

I am from moving houses,

from experiencing family problems,

and learning it’ll be okay.

I am from going on a 4-day long camping trip,

from having waves twice my size almost drown me,

from having a killer sunburn,

and complaining.

I am from worrying about school starting,

from bragging to my friends that I start later than them,

and staying up late the day before school started.

I am from starting 9th grade at Thorold Secondary, 

from getting lost in the hallways,

and trying to make a good first impression.

I am From

Lillie McKenzie

I am LillieI am from a blanket that I sleep with 

From fishing with my dad to camping 

With my family 

I am from a good home with lots of  love

Playing  with my brother and sister 

I am from fishing in the lake early in the morning to late at night 

The fish Who are in the deep water 

I am from fish hocks in my face to good times 

From Sean and Wendy

And from a loud family 

From big to small 

I am from going camping every summer 

From fish and meat 

From going hunting in early morning  and late night with my dad and brother

I’m from the moments with my family and being outdoors 

I am from the best life I could ever have asked for


Ignacio Oliero del Campo 

I am from the past , where everything was bigger ,

I am from spain , where i was born , 

I am from  the love and hugs of my mom ,

I am from my parents room  , 

I am from my safe place , my dad’s big and warm arms  ,

I am from play board-games with my parents , 

I am from eat that giant chocolate ice cream ,

I am from the playgroup , 

I am from my favorite persons , my guardians , my grandparents , 

I am from my childhood .

I am from the present , where everything is different ,

I am from canada , where i am living ,

I am from the hang outs with my friends ,

I am from my room  ,

I am from my safe place , my ps5 , 

I am from watch movies , shows and play videogames with my friends ,

I am from eat sushi ,

I am from the school , 

I am from my favorite persons  , my guardians , my grandparents ,

I am from my adolescence .

I am from the future , “ my perfect place “ , 

I am from spain , 

I am from the love of my daughter and son ,

I am from my new house ,

I am from my safe place , my parents ,

I am from play  video games and board-games with my son and daughter , 

I am from cook the perfect dinner for my family , 

I am from the work , 

Am From

Ulyana Doerksen

I am Ulyana.

I am from the softly glowing ceiling stars that rocked me to sleep.

Barely clinging,

they hung with love;

Though they weren’t bright or twinkly,

They kept me company.

I am from cameras and lenses,

that clicked and whirred,

 capturing my dwindling youth, 

and from doodled papers that sprawled the floor.

I am from the golden-honey sun,

peeking through the rain stained panes.

I am the cold white tiles, 

and the eggshell walls

that lined the halls.

I am from the great, big raspberry bush,

whose arms nicked and cut my own.

I am from garden flowers of

blue, pink and red, 

and from the brambles in my hair.

I am from two worlds.

They stood oceans apart;

different “hellos”,

and ways of being.

With slipping grasps,

two ropes to hold,

I am from balancing the bridge.

From hot bursts of crimson anger

To a gentle butterfly’s touch;

from a bull’s will and stubbornness,

To match my grandma’s horns.

I am from the sweet breakfasts to wake up to

on a cozy weekend morning,

from hibiscus tea and Russian crêpes,

from the warm Crimean sun,

and from leaving home for love.

I am the trembling and the worry,

of speaking to a crowd,

and from the hot round tears that came.

I am from the moments of wonder and daydream

of a watercolour vision.

I am from drawing in the margins,

and the aimless pencil marks.

The celebration of hot and cold,

shy and bold.

I am from drifting eyes

and drifting clouds.

I am from questions with no answers,

the rambles of my thoughts.

I am from here and I am from there;

I am from me.

I Am From

Morgan Godard

I am Morgan

I am from countless books

From my little ponies and monster high dolls

I am from the blue house at the top of the hill

And the two huge windows that cover its front face

I am from a staghorn sumac

Whose fuzzy hands held mine in hard times

I am from the one gift on Christmas Eve that was always PJs 

From Lynn and Sue

And from making time for one another, and intense feelings of love

From brown hair and blue eyes 

I am from eating dinner together every night 

From peanut butter cookies and huckleberry jam

From moving back to their place of origin

And from the old Toyota passed down through the generations

I am picking cherries from the towering cherry tree in the backyard

I am from the moments in which I am sad, happy, hurt and man

I am from the places I have lived, and the moments that live within them

Cyriaque Anhe 

I Am From

I am from hand washing laundry 

From soap and hands 

I am from group eating 

Where there was 1 big plate 

Of food that a big group would 


I’m from cocoa trees 

Whose 45 percent of cocoa 

Produced in the world comes from 

My country 

I am from hot chocolate and bread as breakfast 

From my dad and mom.

I’m From a happy home From nothing 

I’m from a give your stuff away for free 

 never sell them for money. 

I am from a Christian family 

I’m from a rice and soup family 

I’m from a place where my ancestors celebrate 

Thé festival of masks.

I’m from a place were my ancestor would wear 

Shorts or wrap shorts pieces of cloth around their bodies 

And women wear pagnes or blouses with long pieces  of coth 

That they wrap around themselves as skirts. 

I am a cocoa tree 

I am from the moments of 

Enjoying the little you have 

I am Ivorian surrounded by elephants 

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