A whole class from Cambridge Massachusetts! 3rd and 4th graders show us their thoughts and stories. Thank you!

Founded in 1967, Fayerweather Street School in Cambridge, MA is a PreK to grade 8 school with an emphasis on progressive education. We strive to help students connect with their own curiosity and find joy in learning. We offer a thematic, project-based curriculum, with a focus on social justice issues, and an anti-bias curriculum. We have a diverse student population, plus a co-teacher model with multi-age classrooms. Our third/fourth grade class wrote their I Am From Poems after reading and listening to several “Where I’m From” and “I Am From” poems.

I Am From

By Eve

I am from I am from warm cheese ravioli and avocado sushi 

and warm cheese pizza with warm soft crust 

I am from sitting on my back porch while smelling smells like flowers 

I am from reading in my bed at night

I am from playing with slime

I am from drawing 

I am from baking 

I am from making bracelets

I am from playing with my dog 

I am from swimming 

I am from drawing foods

I am from baking 

I am from doing cartwheels

I am from going to the park 

I am from playing board games 

I am from playing tag games 

I am from planting flowers 

I am from getting  ice cream

I am from jump roping

I am from doing hopscotch 

I am from hula hooping  


I Am From

By Maribel

I am from My dog who would bark at the mailman

I am from warm fire crackling in the hearth

I am from cute animals playing all day

I am from fresh slime being made

I am from hot water boiling in a pot

I am from cold ocean flowing in the wind

I am from the earth moving from within

I am from fresh grass growing 

I am from chilly snow falling from the sky

I am from wet rain falling down to earth

I am from a fresh drawing being made

I am from soft dogs howling in the distance

I am from a soft horse galloping into the horizon

I am from the sounds of friends laughing

I am from cold ice cream cake

I am from doughy mochi

I am from warm pizza being baked in the oven

I am from loud cars driving past the window

I am from hot mashed potatoes with marshmallows

I am from hot chicken and rice 

I am from jiggly jello

I am from red rubies, blue sapphires, and purple amethyst

I Am From Love

By Antonia 

I am from

Pizzelles made with love

I am from

Biscottis yelling “Eat me!”

I am from

Mashed potatoes saying “Thank you!”

I am from

Marbles and Grass “Yum!”

Every food I ever eat

Even if it’s not a treat 

Smells yummy

And is!

I am from words I always hear replaying 

“I love you!”


“Hi Bella Chachita!”

I repeat one back

“I love you too!”

I am from 100 year old Grandpa Phil

I am from Mommy and her laugh and sweet sweet voice

I am from Daddy whose jokes fill me with excitement

I am from Miles whose energy boosts mine 

I am from Iggy who we call “Iggy-Piggy”

I am from Zuzu whose howling was like singing 

I am from Mimi whose food blossoms my taste buds

I am from Papa whose tickles make the saddest laugh

I am from Poppy who is 93 and still going strong

I am from Mere whose pastina was the BEST

I Am From LOVE!

I Am From Poem   

By Neve

I am from rice, chicken, pasta, and cheese

I am from my dad’s special chicken sauce and i am from cake 

I am from my dad, dog, brother,mom and 2 hamsters 

I am from 



And friends laughing 

I’m From the darkness 

I the am from sizzling from the pan on the oven

I am from “no” “yay” “ok” and “come here”

I am from the nature and trees

I am from the trickling


                                           From the sink

I am from a death of a grandma 


I Am From

By Zoe

I am from England and sad queenless days

From warm fish and chips,

I am from takeaway pizza laid on the floor ,

From everyday bagels brought from the store,

I am from cars zooming past,

GIANT houses 

Crickets chirping ,

While small children talk

I am from the saying of “control your temper”,

From  the never ending words of “just a few more bites “ ,

I am from  the phrase “crumb queen” and “no”,

                        I am from my mom dad and sister,

                  From endless grandparents,aunties and uncles

          I am from cousins,friends,neighbors

                      From half aunties and uncles

                      I am from  hours dancing with my sister

                I am from raindrops falling on summer days

I Am From

By Max

I am from pepperoni pizza and root beer watching the Marvel series

I am from playing ball tag with my friends on the block playing soccer in my backyard with friends you never know who’s going to win!!

Trading pokemon cards with my friends

I am from a sunny day eating peppermint ice cream

I am from “no’”yes,”maybe,”can I?

I am from playing with my friends school named Zac’mateo’kairee’august’jabril’

I am from BB+N slushy and gaga ball

I am from Hero Wars and Mine craft 

I am from burgers and rootbeer floats

I Am From 

By Gus

I am from cold melty ice cream

Mint chip, salted caramel and cookies and cream.

I am from laughing with joy and with my brother.

I am from my

fun brother and him saying, “can you play with me Gus.”

I am from

warm pizza,crispy tacos

and s’mores.

I am from my dad 

planting and reading to and my brother and him saying,

“You can have screen time.”

I am from dance starting with tap

and then hip hop.

I am from playing with my neighbors and friends

Elan,Toby and Theo.

I am from playing sports Basketball, and soccer and sometimes tennis.

I am from my mom snuggling me and my brother and

Doing yoga at my school.

  I Am From

      By Toby

I am from singing            

long and clear

I am from sushi

yummy and sweet

I am from pineapple pizza

I am from screen time

loud and fun

I am from Scoop N Scootery

campfire s’mores and peanut butter cup

ice cream

I am from pets

dogs and cats

I am from “Time for dinner”

loud and strong

I Am From

By Ben

I am from hot mac n cheese for dinner,

Ramen with tofu islands in steaming broth

I am from grass stains, video games

And a house that i don’t  remember

I am from running downstairs on christmas morning wooping with joy

I am from boba tea in Davis Square, from mochi and traffic on a sunny weekend

I am from “wake up” “get out of bed” “eat breakfast” “now get in the car”

I am from my family, friends and neighbors making my day

I am from skateboarding with my sister riding her bike

I am from beach days on the Cape going whale watching at sea

I am from this big wide world that we will never understand.

I Am From Love…

By: Beatrice

I am from mushed up sweets and loving meatballs,

I am from little kids playing and having fun,

I am from fighting and making up,

I am from laughter and joy,

I am from a caring mom and loving dad,

I am from amazing role-models and clever responsibilities.

I Am From By Serena

I am from,

“If you have nothing to do, clean your room.”

From crisp and tart apples.

From my annoying little brother.

I am from

Warm rice,

With red, saucy pork

For chinese new year.

From climbing trees,

And knitting,

And my silly dad.

I am from,


With red bean,

Egg yolk,

Or melon seeds inside.

From my caring mom.

From eating pine needles.

From how it’s noisy

Or quiet and never

In between.

I Am From.     by Zac

I am from the white rice to smoking salmon

I am from the steaming pasta to cooking meats

I am from the game known as roblox and minecraft

I am from a family of a dog




I Am From

By Coco

I am from delicious fresh picked blueberries 

I am from the sounds of my dog barking

And the subtle sound of my cat purring outside

As I look outside the window I see cars whizzing by

I smell the cookies in the oven that me and my sister made

I Am From 

By Kairee

I am from warm rice and beans 

Oxtail and ginger cubes

I am from the north’s weird temperature ( if you don’t like the weather wait five seconds)

I am from delicious soup and parents saying 



I Am From a Long Life

By Arielle 

I am from rice and  salmon  

and soup joumo 

I am from music and kompa 

and bākey

I am from “DEFO!”

“Uh oh”


“Ou kraze peyi a!”

I am from Esti, uncels, family, all my tatis, and school 

I am from cabret marching with people 

I am from WILD dogs chasing people in the streets

I am from people running to get their soccer balls

I am from people constantly telling people to STOP and go catch the cows!

I am from people getting fresh mangoes from the trees. It smells soooo good

I am from sweaty gyms with people doing gymnastics

I am from people surfing at Encantro and breaking their boards doing 180’s and top turns

I am from getting my hair done for over one night

I am from fearless warriors

I Am From

By Anonymous

I am from the smell of quesadillas cooking in the skillet

chicken cheese tomato lettuce

I hear the sounds of basketball 

bouncing, and touchdowns being scored

I am from a kind and helpful family

I look up to my big bros

I am from playing a game 

And having fun with my family

I am from my grandma making

 lemon meringue pie

I am from my grandpa taking me

To the store

I am from my dad

Taking me to the pool

I Am From

By Louisa

In Michigan I am from the smell at the McBarn of McFrickles

with no pickles

At home l am from listening to my cats purring

I am from buns and marshmallow salad on Thanksgiving 

I am from me and my sister eating ramen for lunch and playing games on the computer and walking to the corner store to get slushies 

I am from getting in the car to go to school and my mom saying “have a good day”

I am from waking up on Saturday to go to fencing and drop my sister to work 

I am from going to Harvard square

To get 


I am from when I get home to snuggle my cats 





I Am From

By Elan

I am from being a human because I can

I am from the smell of hot pizza and the cold scoops of icecream. The cheese drips from a taco. 

I am from the wind blowing. The dogs bark as loud as they can. 

I am from hearing my mom yell to me “Elan it’s time for lunch!”                                                                                                              

I am from my favorite sister checking her phone while i play with my friends Toby, Gus, and Theo,

I am from my dad yelling about his left side hurting but then my mom says “Elan its time for bed!” 

I am from my weird dog that barks when he sees a person. 

I am from the leaves falling outside but i hear my mom say “Elan its time to brush yout teeth!”

I am from the almost melted popsicle.

I am from the sushi place right next to me and for some reason there are tacos and burgers inside.

I Am From

By Luna

I am from thin slices of prosciutto and the sweet smell of filet cooking on the grill.

I am from the family pasta dinner with the best tomato sauce. 

I am from cool mochi on a hot summer day 

I am from a warm hug from the chicken my mom makes.

I am from the sound of cars whooshing on a daily basis. I am from the sound of construction building high. 

I am from the smell of new fish made on the stove. I am from a family discussion about dinner

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