Two individual poems to begin your weekend. Each unique and each imagistic..storied..Enjoy

Brit Sjoberg

I am Someone

I am from the worn toy, battered and bruised,

from the smell of fresh cut wood and old books,

I am from the smell of coffee brewing,

and the smell of the crisp mountain air,

I am from the wheat waving in the breeze,

whose resilience matches mine.

I am from the smell of wet dog and the creaky stairs at the farm,

from my grandad and my aunt,

from stubborness and quick wit,

from resilience.

I am from the lunch socials at the old schoolhouse,

from the saskatoon pies to swedish meatballs,

from moving to a new land, into a shack on a sand dune,

and from the pain of leaving one behind.

The farm was the place where I ran free,

sunday night dinners and the chilly ride back,

running in the wheat and sampling a sprig or two.

I am from those moments, 

Thank you

I am from

Jayla Godsoe

I am from barbie dolls

from quads and swings

I am from big welcoming walls

and picture frames

I am from blossom trees

whose arms reach out to grab the clouds

I am from knitted blankets and brown sugar candles

from Boones amd Barnets

and from strong and stubborn 

from independence 

I am from pizza fridays

from banana bread and macaroons

from my great grandpa’s fiddle

and from working to support family 

I am from cutting trees for christmas

I am from the moments of growing up with a big loving family

 I am Jayla

Alanna WellingtonI

 am Alanna

I am from a glass candy bowl

from sewing needles and thread

I am from the pink bedroom walls

and a big white bookshelf

I am from a small heart shaped tree

whose expressing the love

I am from a knitted blanket and a thumper teddy bear

from Brown and Wilson

and from loud laughter and stubbornness

from picking at your nails

I am from pajamas on christmas eve

from butterscotch cookies and costco pumpkin pie

from my grandpa being a hero

and from the cancer that killed my grandpa

I am the homemade birthday cards

I am from the moments of loud family dinners around my grandparents dining room table

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