A single, sweet poem by Savannah Morris, on the theme of “Changing”. A fine way to head into winter soon!

Changes, Changes, and Changes

I am from the small house there in my neighborhood

Swinging on a dusty tire swing hanging from our fortress 

Pedaling back and forth on the streets

My room has tea and crackers for Mr. Bear

Dogs jump up leaving scratches at grandmas

I am from a new house as the old gets sold

Three new friends made from courage

I am from a field once played on before

The stick hits the ball with a winning score

Leaving too shy to chat with the team

This seemed not for me

            I am from the playground meeting new people

Losing touch after the year flies by

I keep the friends from previous years more close

            I am from a paint smeared on canvas

Finding what I can do

Yarn full of knots moved in and out with a hook of inspiration

            I am from struggles in school keeping up and saying I am like others

Scared for math waiting outside, shaking that I might hear my name aloud

            Family drifts away and new ones roll in

I am from cousins, aunts, and uncles who care

Keeping those that I know close

Leaving old to new

I am from the white and black house filled with creeks and shutters

            Finally knowing why, I didn’t feel the same as changes were made

By: Savannah Morris

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