Four separate poets with four powerful poems: image, memory, senses and honesty.

Angelica May

I am from a man and a woman, who wouldn’t care for their own. 

Siblings unknown, few stories to be told, the main being driven in a ditch. 

Which I find quite interesting to be told. 

I am from a place hoping to find a shelter, to call home. 

Going from place to place, waiting for someone to love. 

I am from open arms, the smell of cigarettes and mint. 

And the hint of alcohol. 

My mother and father care for me, and love me, which I return with the same. 

I am from intrusive thoughts and therapy. 

I am from sleeping peacefully to staying awake till morning. 

I am from memories that are soon forgotten or waiting to be seen. 

I don’t remember much, but I do know the thoughts will always be with me. 

I am from worrying about things and being sick, to feeling safe without a hint of being sick. 

I am from fluffy cats, that go and come, but always have my back. 

 And doggos that always bark and play, but always lay in the hay. 

I am from figuring things out, but still learning and trying new things along the way. 

I am from closed doors, waiting to be opened each day to be found and unlocked. 

I am from curiosity and honesty, good or bad it always leads to something new. 

I am from a canvas waiting to be painted, to be viewed as beautiful or unique. 

From doodles of weird things to pieces of art. 

I am from shapes, lines, scribbles, letters, words, and numbers, waiting to be reshaped and formed in this interesting world. 

Where I’m From

James Hancock

I’m from the small town of Conway Springs Kansas

A place filled with the hardy air of the Conway Schools

I’m from playing Broforce, and reading Gordon Korman books

A place where we celebrate the fun family Christmas traditions

I’m from a family where respect for others is a top priority

But a place where respect is something I am not always treated

I’m from a grey house I lived as a child

A place where I played Half Life 2 for the first magical time

I’m from playing games like Fortnite with friends when I feel lonesome

A place where I watch Casual Caden and Pheonix Resale when the times are tough

I’m from a place of no pets or any animals in my house

But a place I still feel a warm embrace when I eat mac ‘n’ hotdogs

I’m from a place where my childhood stuffed bear still has a home

A place where outside we have such cute little garden gnomes

I’m from a place where the smell of a home cooked meal is a warm welcome

A place where I still laugh at funny images of great people I look up to

I’m from a place where my best friend Konner, always has my back

A place where my grandma tell me a good job and education is what I need

I’m from a place where an “I love you” from someone you didn’t know did means everything

A place where even when someone says awful things about you, you can still bounce back

I’m from a place where the loss of my great aunt Alice still stings to remember

But a place where I’m safe, and the comfort of video games help me escape

Naika G

I’m from tall mountains and sugarcane fields
from fresh bread dipped in cloth strained coffee 
I am from clear blue skies and clearer waters
from poofy dresses and hair bobos on Sunday mornings,
if you know, you know
I am from double-dutch and hand games,
crowded block parties on hot summer days
Razor scooters, painful ankles
Power 105.1 by day
106.7 Lite FM by night, “with Delilah”
I’m from braiding salons, Shine n’ Jam, and mousse
from coils that defy gravity, sorry for the times I’ve forgotten your magic
I’m from stories passed down through generations
words from mouths to ears, pen to paper, keyboard to screen
words in red that remind me who You are and who I am
words in journals chronicling every joy, every pain
every heartbreak, every healing 
words that I’ll never grow tired of hearing, seeing, writing
I am a story, plot ever changing, I’m ever growing  

Darrek Bishop

I Am From

I’m from many places.

I come from far and wide,

Yet I’ve moved little.

I’m from a small town,

Where everyone knows each other.

We are in the middle of everything,

But many know nothing of us.

I’m from a good school,

Where people are shaped,

Though who they choose to be,

 is up to them.

I’m from many households,

From which I travel between often.

I’m from love and warmth.

A family who loves others,

And gets love back.

I’m from pain and blood.

The amount I’ve given is a lot.

Everyone in my family,

Has something that ails them.

I’m from all of this.

I’m from the good and the bad.

It shapes me everyday,

And I love it. 

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