Winter brings a new, much needed poem. Thank you Grace George!

I Am From

            Grace George

I am from the aroma of perfume,

from classic Chanel to athletic Lululemon,

I am from the caring, calming, bright sunroom.

I am from the weeping of willows in elaborate gardens,

and blossoms of roses with thorns that prod deep into the surface.

I am from a gift received every Christmas Eve morning,

and dimples to show radiant smiles,

from a mother who’s been by my side since the day I was born and a father who’s built up my character.

I am from extensive card games and going out for birthdays.

From stand up tall and because I said so.

I am from the sturdy and solid Cross.

I am from sunrise to sunset,

from the sweet taste of tiramisu to the tangy brine of caviar.

From salty fishing trips and mashed up ice cream that I came to love from grandpa.

I am from the simple things in life.


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