Four new poets. Storms and snow and sun and family….all of it fits today.

I Am From 

Shy Graham 

I am from the misty cold waters of the Niagara Falls 

And the sweet delicate cupcakes that were made in my childhood. 

I am from the cool summer nights of enjoyment 

And the fiery warmth of the bonfires. 

I am from the comfort of my Scooby doo plush

And the nights I’ve spent watching Scooby doo to sleep.   

I am from the heartbreak of my possessions

And endless nights. 

From my Christmas presents being broken down, 

To have my privacy taken. 

I am from the fourth grade recesses

And the unfortunate fall of my friends. 

I am from the joy of crunchy chicken burgers

And the saucy pastas I’ve consumed.

From Burger King to Wendy’s chicken burgers,

 Nothing can compare to Mcdonalds. 

I am from the quiet laughed filled seats of the theaters 

And enjoying Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.  

But to be more exact,

I am from the feeling of being included because of my friends 

And how much joy they bring me. 

I Am From

Sarah Ephrat

I am from cassettes

From Mulan and The Emperor’s New Groove

I am from the mirrors, reflecting smiles

Keeping them too

I am from our garden 

watered by the sweat of our brow

I’m from preserving and surviving

From Mother and her toils

I’m from Novegot, Olivie and Geroshik

From “If you’re hungry, you’ll eat dirt”

And “Put the Pshik” 

I’m from Judaism, my pillar

I’m from the dunes of Israel

Pomegranates, sun-flecked mangoes

From the post war mentality of my grandmother

The callused hands of her daughter

The aromatic herbs of Ukraine’s frozen ground

Marking my soup with the bitter winds of where I’m from

By Sarah Ephrat

I Am From

Maximus Fretz

I am from bed. From fries and cheese. I am from the vines inside the village, big,

beautiful sight. I am from oak tree, big and tall, strong and tough. I’m from Christmas

gatherings and kindness. From Amanda and Brian. I am from the hiking and

travelling. From being successful and great. I’m from Anglican and cross. I’m from St

Catharines and Germany. Sausage and rice and chicken parmesan. From the Disney

trip where I got a scar on my elbow. The tallness of my dad. Mantle and Harddrive.

Never forgetting the past.

I am From Poem

By Chris Sweeney 

I am from a small town named Fort Erie. 

I am from Ontario,Canada. 

I am from hanging out with friends on pleasant weekends. 

I am from buttery popcorn on movie night. 

I am from super cheesy grilled cheeses in the brisk mournings.

I am from playing lacrosse 5 times a week. 

I am from the turf lacrosse fields. 

I am from pizza and wings on the amazing superbowl. 

I am from the cold and smelly hockey rink. 

I am from the freezing cold “ODR” in the winter time. 

I am from fighting my annoying older brothers. 

I am from a delicious pasta dinner my mom makes. 

I am from the beautiful cottage up north.

I am from playing around with my cute dogs. 

And lastly I am from a caring and loving home.

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