A new poem.. sweet and honest and imagistic. Thank you Michelle!

I Am From – The Early Years 

Michelle Montgomery

I am from small, eastern towns. 

From new circle drive to the two-story  

Gray house across from the park 

Where yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir 

Were expected, not an option. 

Town of the Collard Festival 

I am from small eastern towns.  

From living in a curve in an old, wooden, white house with green carpet,  

You respected your elders, parents, and grandparents, 

Respected authority, and back talk was disrespectful. 

Town of the Garden Spot 

I am from small eastern towns. 

In a beautiful old fishing lodge with a five-acre pond. 

Dark scary nights like Friday the 13th.  

Walking down the long dirt path,   

Spanish moss hanging from the trees covering overhead,  

a natural umbrella shading the path. 

Hearing dried rustling leaves,  

like walking feet with crunching twigs 

Feeding the cows, the pigs, the horses, the dogs, the cat, the goats, our farm 

Where discipline was a belt, a paddle, a switch. 

Spare the rod, spoil the child was the mindset! 

I am from a world of hurtful words.  

Words that rip me apart piece by piece, word by word,  

Diminishing my spirit.  

Words do hurt, hurts the heart, hurts the mind. 

I am one with nature when escaping those words, 

Escape reality, even if only a moment! 

I write my thoughts, my dreams, my words. 

My own utopia without a care in the world 

Two sets of parents, mom and stepdad, Diddy and stepmom 

Where respect is earned, and nothing was a given. 

From hand me downs and not from handouts 

Town of Seven Mineral springs 

I am from small, eastern towns. 

The smell of freshly cut logs making lumber. 

The sounds of a train, the horn, the tracks 

Graduation, a bird let out of a cage set free, escaped. 

Where work was work and play was play 

When you gave your word, it meant something. 

I am from small eastern towns, a simpler life. 

I am from small eastern towns! 

Michelle Montgomery

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