Here are another group of three. What is so amazing is the variety, each the unique voice of the creator. All about image, joy, sorrow, taste, touch, smell, sound and sight!

I Recall

Serenity Moore

 I recall coming from a mother who is diligent and independent and from a semi- nonexistent father. 

I recall being at my Godmother’s house, watching Dora on my tv while I eat sausage and grits. 

I recall starting Pre-K at 3 years old. 

I recall being out in the back of my godmother’s house helping her plant vegetables and playing with the girl down the street, riding bicycles. 

I recall the days of asking for ice cream every morning at my godmother’s.

I recall growing up with the Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nickelodeon channels.

I recall the shared and crowded room with me and my sister. Having a dance party every night with my siblings when mom was at work. 

I recall the smell of sweat and grass, the tiredness of playing baseball in the back. Playing football in the house with my brothers, when mom was gone. 

I recall going out of town, it feels like almost every week. 

I recall a pet named Lucky who was a little tiny puppy and then grew big into a strong healthy dog that ended up dying from being outside. 

I recall at Eastern Elementary School, a boy had pushed me down in the library, but I then got up and pushed him which resulted in him crying and me getting in trouble. 

I recall my mom or grandma saying that you better not keep running in and out of my house, you gonna stay in or out, but you not going to keep running in and out of my house. 

I recall going to church every Sunday early in the morning, not wanting to move a muscle as I want to stay in ‌bed. The rushing from mom for her kids to hurry and get out the door so that we won’t be late, but still end up waiting for her when everyone is ready to go.

I recall coming from a childhood so hurtful to me that it messed with my mental state

I recall not having a good male figure around me growing up, as each and every one of them was either abusive or nonexistent

I recall my father calling to say he is going to pick me up but then never comes, nor text or call that he is not coming

I recall my mother being hurt inside which caused her to not intentionally mentally hurt her kids

I recall wanting to leave this Earth as I couldn’t find a reason to stay

I recall feeling so alone and backed into a corner as I didn’t know which way to go

I recall praying each night even though I hate God at those moments

I recall having to heal my broken soul and mind in order for me to live and feel free

I recall right now at this moment even with everything I have been through that with me being here right now at this moment is the best gift that I have allowed myself to receive. 

Where I’m from

By: Sarah Hudnell

March 29th 2023

I’m from going to my grandparent’s house every other weekend

I’m from going into their house smelling cinnamon 

I’m from staying outside all day playing with my 3 brothers

I’m from listening to the long glistening rain on the roof.

I’m from hearing the loud hammers and drill sounds

I’m from petting cows, horses, and the dogs 

I’m from laying on the grass listening to the birds

I’m from the church on Sundays 

I’m from my pink princess bed and stuffed animals

I’m from the red, blue, and brown striped couch where we used to sit and get read stories

I’m from playing with my barbie dolls 

I’m from a big house with a white fence wrapped around it, living on a farm

I’m from my moms smile 

I’m from my dad’s eyes

I’m one of the four children 

I’m one that makes a lot of mistakes

I’m from making desserts on the holidays when the family gets together

I’m from cleaning up the house every day

I’m from working at the restaurant

I’m from hard-working hands 

I’m from all of these things

If I didn’t go through any of this I wouldn’t be where I am today 

I wouldn’t be who I am today

This is where I’m from, HOME!

I Am Poem – Lilah LePera

I am from a supportive Mom and Dad

And a cool little sister. 

I am from the loud and exciting dinner conversations every night. 

I am from savouring wonderful memories 

With friends and family. 

I am from fishing in the hot months 

At my cottage. 

I am from watching gorgeous sunsets in the summer

And reading romantic books

On rainy days. 

I am from having an Italian feast 

Every Christmas Eve. 

I am from believing in working hard 

From never giving up

I am from trusting my instincts

And never letting my guard down. 

I am from being the funniest person in the whole world 

And thinking that I should be a comedian for a living. 

I am from being Grade 8 valedictorian, 

But getting stressed and anxious for tests. 

I am from drinking smoothies

And eating ice cream in July.

I am from going on vacations, 

And travelling with my favourite people

From being obsessed with the beach 

And the fascinating sky.

I am from loving anything that my Nonna bakes or cooks, 

From making cookies right before Christmas every year

And eating any sweets that I see. 

I am from my fluffy sheets that get washed with Tide every weekend 

And my blue comfy blanket that is in my bed at all times.

I am from going out for breezy rides in my Dads boat,

From long bike rides with my sister 

And swimming in my pool on starry nights.

I am from looking up to my Nonno in heaven

And still snuggling the Charlie Brown stuffed animal he gave me. 

I am from always being kind, respectful and empathetic

And embracing every day of life. 

From living it to the fullest.

I am from listening to rap and pop music 

That will instantly put me in a good mood. 

I am from late night drives with the windows down 

And the music blaring.

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