New poem, new phrase. “I was raised” . Try that too! Fine poem, Makenzie!

I Was Raised-

Makenzie Spruill

I was raised in a small town,

Where everyone knows everyone

But are always apart

And whenever they see you they say, “look how much you’ve grown”

I was raised in the grass,

Where I first learned to ride a bike

To then fall many times on the rocks 

And eventually, chip my tooth.

I was raised on the road,

Where I had races with my brother and cousins to see who was the fastest

And with basketball to see who could make the net the most.

I was raised on the beach,

Where I spent hours upon hours

Grilling hotdogs and hamburgers on our small grill 

Which was always paired with chips and a kind of fruit.

I was raised with dogs and cats,

Where there was always hair on everything.

And my small dog was my best friend who’d follow me everywhere 

I was raised with board games.

Where I would make bets on who would win

And whoever did would scream in excitement.

I was raised in the kitchen,

Where I would make desserts of all kinds all throughout the year.

Whether it be pies or cookies or who knows what else.

I was raised in the garage and shed,

Where I would help a variety of people to build things.

Sometimes it was fixing something and sometimes it would be from scratch.

I was raised next to the field,

In the house, I call fine.

I was raised next to the good and bad,

In the life, I call mine.

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