Two poems…inspired by the I Am From poem…these are beautiful and very different poems…images and thoughts and stories.

I  Am Filled poem

Ella Basham 

I am filled with sunshine

From swimming in pools to being on the lake

I am filled with summer 

Tan skin and bright clothes 

I am filled with pop music and Musicallys 

Fashionable barbies and annoying sisters

I am filled with fun times and babysitters 

Ice cream trips and playdates 

From believing in mermaids to creating fairy gardens

Summer is always my time

I am filled with books and side walk chalk 

From boat rides and sandwiches 

Long car rides and Disney channel 

The water was where I always was

To sneaking into Lake Camelot pool

To sleepovers late at night 

I am filled with those long days 

I am filled with baking random desserts

From cookies and cakes

To making glitter filled slime 

To watching new movies all day

Summer was my sunshine

Shraddha-Andi Cheffings

Knots and Tangles

Here I am,

Flowing out from something,

Spiralling around,

Revisiting the same places and situations,

Over and over,

If not in person,

At least, in my mind.

Leaves are rustling in a cold north breeze,

And bees carry apple pollen from tree to tree.

The stream still flows by the ghost of the orchard

Where I played whistle with the birds as a small child.

Everything fell away from me

Into ever-altering memory.

Never given a second chance,

I follow a displaced path

Of knots and tangles.

Something shoved me, hard, and pushed me off-course.

Someone dug a trench to move me from my valley.

I watered someone else’s life,

Until, no longer needed,

I seeped back into the soil,

Slowly descended to the valley floor,

And formed a stagnant marsh,

Where, once, I could have flowed.

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